The Honors College student body is recruited from among incoming first-year students without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, or intended field of study.  The Honors College works with the Admissions Office to identify future Honors students from the academically qualified applicants who have been accepted to the University.  Consideration is given to factors such as academic preparation and performance in high school, scores on standardized tests, interests, and potential for enhancing not only the diversity of the Honors College but of the University as a whole.

Letters are sent to prospective Honors students, inviting them to apply to the Honors College.  Interested candidates are asked to return a completed application and supporting materials by May 1 or an earlier date designated in the letter of invitation.

The applications are then reviewed by the Dean of the Honors College and members of the Honors College Committee.  The criteria for selection include:

  • SAT and/or ACT scores:
    combined SAT I score of at least 1220 on the Math and Verbal exams or
    composite ACT score of at least 27, OR
  • Grade point average:
    unweighted GPA at least 3.50 (transcript to show rigor of the program)
  • School and community activities, honors and awards
  • Statement of purpose included among information in the online application.