Nursing Scholarships/Loan Information

Financial Aid:
Various nursing scholarships, academic achievement awards and loans are available or awarded to qualified students.


  1. Dorothy Long Scholarship – available to sophomore or junior nursing students.
  2. Nancy K Martin Scholarship – available to sophomore or junior nursing students.
  3. Nursing Scholarships – available to incoming sophomore, junior and senior nursing students.
  4. Human Touch Scholarship- available to junior nursing students.
  5. HEAPS (Higher Education Adult Part-Time Student) Grant – available to part-time students through Financial Aid Office.
  6. Molly Kiger Coulling Endowed Scholarship – available to sophomore nursing students.

Additional scholarships may become available throughout the year.


  1. Virginia Kasley Student Loan from Ohio Valley General Hospital School of Nursing Alumni Association available to  students accepted into the program.
  2. Jean Seabright Loan Program from Ohio Valley Medical Center, Wheeling, W.V., available to RN students.
  3. Paramedical Career Loan Fund from the Alliance to the Ohio County Medical Society, available to students accepted into the program.
  4. Federal Nursing Loans available through the Financial Aid Office at low Interest rates.

Applications and additional information regarding specific eligibility requirements for each scholarship and loans are available in the Nursing Program Office.