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Information about WL Faculty-Led Trips

Summer 2014 faculty-led trips:

CAPA International Education

WLU has partnered with CAPA International Education to provide a study abroad experience that will impact a lifetime.  CAPA is an international education organization (IEO) committed to empowering student learning through personal choice, academic integrity, and engagement in urban environments abroad.

Part of the Forbidden City in Beijing, China.

Since 1972, CAPA International Education has provided personalized study abroad experiences that have inspired, excited, and challenged students.  With Global Citiesprogram locations in Beijing, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, Istanbul, London, Shanghai, and Sydney, CAPA has a unique approach to studying abroad called MyEducation which puts students in charge of creating their own self-selected programs by choosing courses, internships and travel that are relevant to their goals.  Through their courses, the selected city becomes a laboratory for academic research.

Students may choose between study and/or internship opportunities in either a summer program or a semester-long program.  Watch this short documentary on CAPA London internships distributed by London’s “Daily Telegraph” to see the possibilities. The film features CAPA students and internship partners, and focuses on the benefits of an international internship, which CAPA has been offering to its students since 1974.

Summer Programs Sponsored by the WV Higher Education Policy Commission

The WV Higher Education Policy Commission (HEPC) has partnered with various institutions in the state to offer students a chance to study abroad.  These programs are coordinated by West Virginia University, West Virginia State University and Marshall University but are open to West Liberty University students.  These programs are relatively low-cost programs that run from 10 days to 4 weeks.

Programs currently offered for summer 2014:

The Great Wall of China


2014 West Virginia Summer Service Learning Program in China - July 1 – 29, 2014.  This program is led by West Virginia State University in coordination with Marshall University.  For more detailed information contact: [email protected] at the HEPC or [email protected] at West Liberty University




Florence           Florence, Italy Program                              May Intersession, 2014

                    May 11-31, 2014

Sponsored by the College of Arts and Media, Marshall University.   For more detailed information contact: and click on “Marshall Faculty-Led Programs” and select “Marshall in Florence Program Website” or contact Beverly Burke at [email protected].



Program in Quebec


      West Virginia Program in Quebec!

May 17 – May 26, 2014

This a 10-day program in Quebec and Montreal and is an introduction to the Political and Cultural Identity of Canada and Quebec.  It is a joint program with WVU, Marshall and WVSU and is open to West Liberty students.

For more detailed information contact:

Tara George-Jones at [email protected] or

James Natsis at [email protected]