The Student Experience Task Force (SETF) shall focus on identifying those attributes or characteristics of the total student learning experience that shall be necessary for the University to remain competitive and excel in the future. The SETF may utilize surveys, focus groups, stakeholder meetings or other types of evaluation techniques to identify these activities, which may be curricular, co-curricular or extracurricular in nature.

From among these attributes, the SETF shall identify several special features for which West Liberty University shall seek to be known, valued and admired. In selecting these “Points of Pride,” the SETF may, again, utilize a variety of evaluation processes that determine the potential for each point to:

  1. Gain broad support within the campus community;
  2. Capitalize on existing strengths;
  3. Add significant value to the total undergraduate learning experience;
  4. Generate external recognition as exemplary; and
  5. Maintain sustainability

The SETF will produce a report that identifies both the list of attributes necessary to be competitive in the future and the proposed “Points of Pride.”