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As referenced by President Capehart at our Opening Convocation and as part of the University’s Strategic Positioning Initiative, the purpose of WLU’s SmartCampus Initiative is to (1) engage the University community in identifying practices/processes that are inefficient or ineffective and (2) propose ways in which practices/processes can be improved to produce greater efficiency and/or effectiveness.  Simply stated, a more effective and efficient campus will allow us to provide better service to our students and will free our employees to engage in more productive activities.

The SmartCampus Task Force (SCTF) approved by the President will be comprised of employees providing representation for virtually all segments of the University.  In order to be successful, the Initiative will require broad-based involvement and input.  While the SCTF will include a number of administrators, the Initiative will not be a top-down dominated undertaking.  It is vital that ideas, suggestions, and recommendations be generated by everyone—the stakeholders—at West Liberty who has a commitment to improving the University’s efficiency and effectiveness in serving our constituencies.  Details will be forthcoming regarding stakeholder/focus-group meetings which will be facilitated by Tammi Secrist.

The SCTF will develop a program that informs, reminds, and rewards employees.

  • Inform:  Advise employees of the advantages of more efficient and effective practices
  • Remind:  Develop a system to embed efficiency and effectiveness within the culture of the particular operations and services that we provide
  • Reward:  Provide incentives at the departmental/employee level to participate in identifying, proposing, and implementing more efficient and effective practices and processes

The President has charged the Task Force with determining whether establishing a more effective and efficient operation will require a change in the University’s Strategic Plan as well as possible changes in:

  • State Statute
  • HEPC Regulation
  • Board of Governors’ Policy
  • University Policy/Administrative Procedure
  • Practice/Process

Let it be clearly stated that in no manner whatsoever does the SmartCampus Initiative have as an expectation or goal the elimination of employees or positions.  Purposefully, an important expectation is that we can contribute to improving the effectiveness of how we function as employees and as valuable members of the campus community.

By December, 2012, the SCTF will provide a report to President Capehart setting forth its findings and recommendations.  A final report will be distributed to the campus.

It is the sincere hope that the SmartCampus Initiative will help in further improving our culture of effectiveness and efficiency as we continuously strive to improve our service to all our constituencies and especially to our students.