The Mission Review Task Force (MRTF) will focus on conducting research and generating data that will assist in assessing the university’s progress in fulfilling its mission “to provide our students with the opportunity for a high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education.”

In particular, the MRTF will undertake the following projects:

  • Institutional Dashboard. The MRTF will develop, organize and present a series of specific measure indicators that will provide stakeholders with information regarding the University’s current performance and assist the institution in moving forward strategically.
  • Academic Program Status. The MRTF will review and report on the accreditation of individual academic programs as well as the institution, in general. The MRTF will designate each accredited academic program and the University, as well, as “green” (solid program), “yellow” (areas need attention) and “red” (accreditation in peril).
  • Marketing Impact. The MRTF will conduct a community, regional and statewide survey to assist in determining the effectiveness of the University’s marketing and promotional effort.
  • Impact of Intercollegiate Athletics. The MRTF will conduct (1) an analysis of the financial impact of the University’s intercollegiate athletic program; and (2) a survey regarding the degree of recognition produced by the University’s intercollegiate athletic program for the University.
  • Customer Service. The MRTF will conduct a survey among students, faculty and staff to assess the quality of customer service provided by the following offices within the University:  Registrar, Financial Aid, Housing, Business Office and Maintenance.


Steering Committee

  • Dr. Serkan Catma, Senior Fellow, Institute for Innovation in Education
  • Scott Cook, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Melinda Kreisberg, Assistant Provost
  • Dr. Craig Crow, Gary E. West College of Business
  • Paula Tomasik, Director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
  • Jason Koegler, VP of Institutional Advancement
  • Jim Stultz, VP of Human Resources
  • Bo McConnaughy, Chair, Classified Staff Council
  • Tammi Secrist, Focus Group Coordinator
  • Jeff Knierim, VP of Community Engagement
  • Jim Watson, Director of Athletics
  • Shane Stack, Alumni Coordinator
  • Dr. John McCullough, Interim Provost, ex officio
  • Robin Capehart, President, ex officio


Committee Chairs

Institutional Dashboard

  • Dr. Serkan Catma, Chair

Academic Program Status

  • Dr. Melinda Kreisberg, Chair

Marketing Impact Study

  • Tammi Secrist, Chair

Impact of Intercollegiate Athletics

  • Dr. Craig Crow, Chair,
  • Jim Watson

Customer Service

  • Jim Stultz, Co-chair
  • Bo McConnaughy, Co-chair