Mission Focused Assessment

A data-driven assessment of our success in fulfilling our mission “to provide our students the opportunity for a high quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education.”

  • Opportunity includes maintaining access and affordability while providing programs of value to our students.
  • High quality includes achieving excellence in all areas of the student learning experience.

Affirmation of our Fundamental Values

Identification and affirmation of the fundamental educational values with respect to the total student learning experience that guide our decision-making process and our transformation from a good college to a great university.


Establishing our Points of Pride

Identification of those special attributes or features of the total student learning experience for which West Liberty University seeks to be known, admired and valued.


Establishing our Pillars of Distinction

Identification of those academic programs, program clusters or program themes that are best positioned to enhance West Liberty University’s regional and national visibility, academic reputation and competitiveness.