President’s Message

In 2007, West Liberty State College launched an historic effort that would seek to transform the institution from a good college to a great university. Such a remarkable advancement would require a thoughtful and deliberate plan that focused on a shared vision of the future of the institution both in terms of those who had dedicated their time and effort to the fulfillment of the college’s mission and the role of the institution as an integral part of a public system of higher education in West Virginia.

In 2008, West Liberty State College adopted Distinction and Distinctiveness: An Institutional Master Plan whose purpose was to guide the institution through the challenges it would face as well as establish a basis for the pursuit of opportunities that would support this time of transformation.

As a result of this plan, West Liberty University has experienced a significant increase in terms of enrollment, private support and prestige. University status, high quality graduate degree programs, the construction of Campbell Hall, the new health science building, and other significant advancements have resulted in West Liberty University rapidly becoming an institution of choice among both traditional and nontraditional students.

In a recent study, U.S. News and World Report moved West Liberty University from a Tier 3 to a Tier 1 university.

West Liberty University is clearly on the move!

Yet, times are changing. Since 2007, five of our six deans have assumed their current positions, thus, creating a new team of academic leaders. Moreover, sixty percent of the faculty who began classes in the Fall 2012 are new to the University and did not participate in the development of the current master plan. New academic leadership and new faculty members bring a new and fresh perspective to the University’s future. Thus, the time has come to review where we are, how we’re doing and where we are going.

Welcome to FOCUS 2020, a strategic positioning initiative for West Liberty University. The purpose of this effort is to provide the entire campus with the opportunity to play a role in the University’s future. While maintaining a respect for existing administrative governance mechanisms, FOCUS 2020 seeks to chart a course for the future through broad-based inclusive participation, constant communications, rational data-driven analysis and an orientation towards results.

Whether you are a member of the campus community or just a person interested in the future of the college, please feel free to keep in touch with our efforts through this website and offer your perspective as we seek to move – from a good college to a great university!