16, 2010

Present: Jane Wallace, Mike Blackwell, Chuck Ramer, Gail
Smith, Gibbs Davidson, Richard Brown, Brian Fencl, Robert Gall, Leonard
Rinchiuso, Susan Herrick, Tammy McClain, Corey Reigel, Hollie Buchanan, Bob
Fliess, James Vopel, Erik Root

Others: John McCullough, Donna Lukich, Tom Michaud, William
Baronak, Keely Camden

Dr. McCullough’s report:

Enrollment is up 4% for 2nd semester;
Fall is ahead of last year


HEPC has made changes to the early enrollment
program to high school seniors that prevents us from continuing to offer it.
They now require that classes offered to high school students for college
credit must be composed only of college students (and not honors students and


HEPC has Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of
Music, Master of Science Physician Assistant Degree Progams.


Asking for action today on the Bachelor of Arts in
Organizational Leadership & Administration (BLA) Program.


Dental Hygiene received a $48,500 grant earmarked
for radiology equipment. Thanks to Margie Six and faculty for their work.


Events: Open House on Saturday, March 20, 2010;
10:00-11:30 a.m.

Week – April 25-May 1. Will include a Presidential Colloquium, Honor

inductions, Honors Convocation, Academy of Honors Inductee Banquet,

Rally, and Music.


Reminder of WLU Policy 231 – Dead Week. No
exams. Due to the snow, if exam needs to be scheduled, request exemption
through chair & dean. Decided on a case by case basis; cannot schedule
final exam then. Must notify class well in advance.


Erik Root’s Report:

Sen. Bill 480 passed the House, waiting for
Governor’s signature. Puts all universities in the state on the same level and
deals with classified staff issues.


Personnel Committee:

Selection of Provost – Policy 203 Approved
– See below and attached.


Online classes Committee:

Policy on visiting online classes. Chairs Council
is also considering developing such a policy. We will be kept informed. Ann
Gaudino is a member of both groups.

Committee discussed questions submitted to it;
most resolved or in process





Parking issues were forwarded to John Davis,
e-mail reply distributed to all via e-mail

asked: Is there a 15 ticket quota?

Student Advising recommendations were sent to
Faculty Chairs Council –

Faculty senate now has an e-mail address
([email protected]), access to the listserv so that postings do not have
to go through someone else. Link to senate from WLU web page.

Senate elections need to be completed by April.
All seats are elected again. Notice was sent to chairs.

There is to be an evaluation of Pres. Capehart
this year (occurs every 3 yrs.) with input from faculty.

Concern for non-tenured, if faculty need to sign roster; can do signatures

associating the signature with the document.

Mary Ann Edwards is the only person who sees who signs

We have no details yet of how evaluation will be done.

It is in policy; senate can recommend changes.


Action Items:

Motion made and seconded to suspend rules. Motion

WLU Policy 203 Selection of Provost. Linda Cowan and Bob Gall met with John
McCullough to discuss. Draft is based on the policy for selection of Deans.

Lukich: Recommend that someone be identified as

Gall: See 1d.

Lukich: Is this a new person?

Gall: No

Lukich: Recommend that an Academic person serve as

Gall: Chair is not a voting member.

Fliess: Where does it say that the chair does not

Gall: Chair does not vote

Discussion ensued

Motion to amend made, seconded and approved:
added, item 1d to read, “The President shall name someone from the President’s
Council to serve as a non-voting chair of the screening committee.”

Motion made, seconded to approve the amended draft
policy. Motion approved.


Motion made and seconded that in lieu of raises to
base pay we encourage the President to issue stipends to faculty.

Root: WVU voted to make pay raises equal to peer
institutions within 10 years.

Herrick: We are still at ’93 rates.

Root: Entry level salaries at $40,000 at peer

Motion approved.


Moved and seconded approval of BLA (Bachelor of
Arts in Organizational Leadership and Administration.

Michaud: Compliments to Adult Learning Initiative;
Hand-out outlines program.

information – No public 4 year institution in the state and metro area

comparable program.

programs have been in existence since the 1970s

private institutions offer similar programs.

affordable, high quality program.

new start-up costs. Adjunct faculty assist with classes.

Herrick: How many courses?

Michaud: 36 cr. hrs. of upper level courses + 92
hrs = 128 total hrs.

Buchanan: Will it be only adjuncts teaching in it?

Michaud: Adjuncts and our faculty on overtime;
more than half will be our faculty

Blackwell: Will it replace the accelerated
business program?

Michaud: Average age of students mid-30s in that
program; Targeting 36-54 students in first year; robust alternative based on now
and what we thing we will get.

Buchanan: Can we legally restrict ages?

Blackwell: Current program does.

Lukich: Yes, we can.

Blackwell: Uses Saturday classes.

Motion approved.


Moved and seconded that we amend the West Liberty
University Faculty Senate Constitution and By-laws:

Change undated references to “West Liberty State College” and
“WLSC” to “West Liberty University” and “WLU” respectively.

Change references to “the College” to “the University.”

Change the Representative Apportionment Formula in Appendix A of
the By-laws to the following:


Number of Faculty in Department of
School           Number of

                 1-4                                                                        0

                 5-7                                                                        1

                 8-12                                                                      2

                 13-17                                                                    3

                 18-22                                                                    4

                 23-27                                                                    5

Gall: If we use current formula, senate is under-represented
by 8 senators.

Blackwell: Concern for departments that are
under-represented because they rely heavily on adjuncts. Should we use credit
hours taught vs. cr. hrs. taught by full-time faculty?

Gall: Many areas are under-represented due to reliance
on adjuncts.

Approved with 1 opposed and 1 abstention.


Reapportionment – 114 full-time faculty

Motion made and seconded to approve
reapportionment of representatives for the 2010-2012 Faculty Senate as follows:


Administrative Systems:                     2

Financial Systems:                             1

Professional Education:                     2

Physical Education:                           2

Arts & Communications:                     5

Humanities:                                     2

Social & Behavioral Sciences:   3

Health Sciences:                                3

Nat. Sciences & Mathematics:   3

Faculty Senate Representatives           23


Motion approved.


Motion made to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 4:30


Respectfully submitted by Gail Smith, substitute
recording secretary.





When the President does not reappoint, or when vacancies in the office of
the Provost occur, the President shall initiate the formation of a university
screening committee.  In such cases, the President has the option to
appoint an Interim Provost.  The President shall consult with the Deans
Council and the Faculty Senate concerning his/her choice of an Interim Provost,
who generally will serve no more than one year in the temporary capacity.

1.    The university
screening committee shall consist of the following:

a.     A
representative from each of the four colleges of the university, elected by the
full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty in a college. Only full-time
tenured and tenure-track faculty in a college shall be eligible to serve as a
representative of the college. Faculty who intend to be candidates and those
who are on official leave may not serve on the screening committee.

b.    A representative
from the Chairs Council, chosen by the members of the Chairs Council. Chairs
who intend to be candidates may not serve on the screening committee.

c.     A
representative from the Deans Council, chosen by the members of the Deans
Council. Deans who intend to be candidates may not serve on the screening

d.    The President
shall name someone from the President’s Council to serve as the nonvoting [H1] chair of the screening

2.    The screening
committee, in consultation with the President, shall draft a position
description for national advertisement. There shall then commence a specified
time period for initiation of a national search and submission to the
chairperson of the screening committee of letters of application, vitae, and
other pertinent information.

3.    After the
deadline for applications has passed, the screening committee shall meet to
review credentials, to select the candidates to be interviewed, and to
interview candidates. The interview process shall include various meetings,
including the screening committee, the President, Deans Council, Chairs
Council. This process shall also include a venue for meeting faculty.

4.    At the
conclusion of the search process, the screening committee shall meet to cast a
secret ranked poll.  The committee shall submit to the President the names
of the top three candidates, ranked in order of preference, accompanied by a
narrative assessment of the candidates, indicating their strengths and

5.    The outgoing
Provost may submit his/her recommendation to the President.

6.    If the President
does not wish to appoint a Provost from the candidates recommended by the
screening committee, he/she shall order the committee to reconvene in order to
recommend a different group of candidates or to reopen the search process.