Faculty Senate Minutes Jan 19 2010 3pm Elbin Library 15


Senators Present: Jane Wallace, Mike Blackwell,
Chuck Ramer, Gail Smith, Rochard Brown, Linda Cowan, Brian Fencl, Matt Harder, Robert
Gall, Leonard Rinchiuso, Johnette McCracken (for Tammy McClain, Corey Reigel,
Hollie Buchanan, Bob Fliess, James Vopal, Erik Root

Invited Guests Present: John McCullough, Donna
Lukich, Judy Carney, Pat Henry, Tom Michaud, David Blowers


Approval of Minutes – 1 correction regarding Snow
Days – No other corrections or additions – Minutes Approved.


Dr. McCullough’s report:

Curriculum Committee has approved the Master of
Science in Physician Assistant Sciences. A Site visit will occur in June.
Program could begin late summer 2011 pending approvals.

The WLU Board of Governors approved the Bachelor of Music
degree program. Full proposal will be sent to HEPC very soon.

WLU is awaiting HEPC action on the proposed Bachelor
of Social Work degree.

The “Intent to Plan” document for the Adult Degree
Completion in Organizational Leadership has been approved.

The “Intent to Plan” for the Digital Media Design program
proposal is in the final stages of completion.

NASM has affirmed accreditation for the Music
Division. The next approval cycle begins in the 2017-2017 school year.
Upgrades to the Division of Music’s physical facilities will be built into
2010-2011 budget.

The University has a 91% retention rate.

March 2010 is the Spring Open House.

The HLC has accepted a team from WLU into their Assessment
Academy. Focus – general studies assessment.

President’s Colloquium – College of Liberal
Arts, will meet in February.

Governor Manchin announced a 3.4% cut in budget.
Possible 5% cut for FY 11. Could be offset by Federal Stimulus Money.

A tuition freeze has been suggested. We will most
likely make a good faith effort, but a freeze seems unrealistic. The governor
requested this, but it is not a mandate.

Erik Root: what is the Maximum amount that tuition
can be raised?

McCullough: Probably about 7% without special


Erik Root’s ACF report:

“Academic Freedom” bill is going through the house.
They are also debating whether Faculty can run for office.

Fliess: If faculty raises are being blocked,
shouldn’t PEIA also be barred from raising rates?

Root: Yes, that issue has been brought up. The ACF
has sent a letter.


Faculty representative to the Board of Governors, Mike
Turrentine, cannot attend Faculty Senate this semester.


Judy Carney from Faculty Development:

On WLU website: Quick Links=>Faculty and
Staff=>Faculty Development

Common Mistakes:

·       Faculty Development Request
Form should be filled in on the computer, not printed and then filled in by

·       Please check your math.

·       Make your own copies. Don’t
ask Judy to do it.

Does “The priority of this request is:” need to be
in the form? They will reconsider keeping this on the form.

Meeting dates for Spring 2010: January 25, February
22, March 22, April 19. She needs the request forms at least a week prior to a
meeting so that committee members can review the proposals prior to the

Judy is begging – after approval is granted,
please read the directions. Submit receipts to the Business Office. Go to
webpage=>Quick Links=>Business Office=>Travel Request Form.

Give a copy of the form to Judy, give a copy of the
form AND all the receipts to the Business Office. Your stipend will be taxed.
Bev Burke will give you a contract for the stipend amount.

Dr. Brown: Can faculty apply for a second (or third…)
$400 award to attend (Category IV) a conference?

Judy: If there is any money left, your application
will be considered.

Last year’s requests: roughly $68,000 (out of the
$80,000) was requested. $62,000 was spent last year.

No more than the indicated limit for expenses can be

Gall: It pays to read the directions.


Pat Henry is here to answer questions/concerns about
maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Fliess: Main Hall has been “terrible” in terms of
bathroom cleanliness, etc.

Henry: We’re in the 2nd year of a five
year contract with WFF (the cleaning company). The contract can be canceled at
the year interval if need be.

Fliess: What about supplies? They should be
replenished more than once daily.

Smith: Some bathrooms lack supplies day after day
after day.

Problems with the facilities like light bulbs, etc.
should go through the workorder system.

Send cleaning requests through the workorder system.

Pat Henry will email the faculty with information
about the workorder system.

Fliess: The administration should shoulder the
burden of making sure the cleaning service is doing their job. This should not
be the faculty’s responsibility.

Main Hall room 266 is increasingly being used for
storage. Windows were stored there. Chairs also.

Henry: That should not be.

What about controlling the Heat in classrooms and

Main Hall is an engineering nightmare since it was
originally two separate buildings.

Can radiators be equipped with a shutoff valve?
Computer labs are too hot.

He is happy to address any concerns we might have.


Academic Policies and Procedures – no report.


Finance – Will be meeting soon to discuss
recommendations for pay raises. For example, Bonuses instead of Raises? (since
the governor has blocked any pay raises)

Gall: President Capehart is exploring other ways to
give pay raises that do not involve raising the base salary: bonuses,
stipends, etc.


Personnel – no report.


Social – Rose Briggs absent.


Student Advising – Tammy McClain absent.


Ad Hoc committee on Online Classes – no



Parking Issues. Send along problems/concerns to
Gall and he will forward to John Davis.


Action Items:


Physician Assistant Program – Motion to
approve by Cowan.

Questions and/or discussion. David Blowers has been
brought on to help design the Master of Science PA program.

Fliess: what sort of courses?

Blowers: Essentially it would be a mini medical

Fliess: What are the startup costs and when will we
break even.

McC: Break-even in the third year most likely. PA
will eventually be housed in the new Science Center. Should end up being the
largest cash-influx at WLU.

Where will the clinical rotations be?

Blowers: Wheeling Hospital, OVMC, and Private
Practice Physicians.

How many faculty?

Blowers: Two initially. More as enrollment

Motion Carries.



Gail Smith moved to approve changes to Physical
Education Program.


Fliess lamented the fact that education has become
too “career-oriented” and less “education oriented” or “education for the sake
of education”. Erik Root agreed.

Motion Carries.



Linda Cowan made a motion to recommend that hard
copies of all University and Board of Governors Policies and Procedures should bear
the President’s signature, be housed in a central location, and be readily
available to faculty should the need arise.

Rationale – There are different versions
floating around and nothing is signed. It’s hard to be sure what is official
and what is outdated. Posting to the internet is problematic because nothing
bears a signature and some revision dates are not accurate.

McCullough – there SHOULD be signed copies of
all policies in Hard Copy on file in the Human Resources office.

Gall: It is helpful to know the revision history of
policies and procedures.

Chuck Ramer calls the question.

Motion Carries: The Faculty Senate requests that hard
copies of all University and Board of Governors Policies and Procedures bear
the President’s signature, be housed in a central location, and be readily
available to faculty to review should the need arise.


Faculty Forum:

Ramer: For the Ad Hoc committee on Oline Classes:
Has there been discussion about the role of Observers in online classes?

Buchanan: Can observers simply take materials from
a class to use for whatever they want?

Brown: Whatever I create for my class is owned by me
– as per copyright laws. I should have the right to refuse requests to
use my material. A policy should perhaps be written to protect faculty members
regarding the use of class materials created by that faculty member.
Professional courtesy should apply here.

Smith: Sakai allows the creator to monitor who is
active on their site.

Wallace: Anything created for a course and/or put
into Sakai becomes the property of WLU.

What about “blended courses”?

Wallace: It’s unclear.

Buchanan: Can a single faculty member (Chair for
example) use that material without asking?

Ramer: The situation is similar to going into my
office, opening my filing cabinets, and pulling out papers. What’s the

Are all course materials – online or not
– considered University property because, after all, you (the faculty)
are paid to produce courses.

Brown: My main concern is the practice of taking
and using materials without asking – regardless of who actually owns the

Lukich: There are ways to make testing more secure.
Arrangements can be made to proctor exams, etc.


4:43pm – Motion to Adjourn.

Gall: During the April meeting we will elect Senators
for the New Senate and will have a New Senate meeting at the end of April.