Present: Jane Wallace, Mike Blackwell, Chuck Ramer,
Gail Smith, Leigh Bovaird, Gibbs Davidson, Brian Fencl, Matthew Harder, Robert
Gall, Leonard Rinchiuso, Susan Herrick, Corey Reigel, Rose Briggs, Teresa Faykus,
Hollie Buchanan, Bob Fliess, James Vopal, Erik Root

Invited Guests: John McCullough, Donna Lukich,
William Baronak, Robert Kreisberg, Keely Camden, Shane Stack, Tom Michaud, Ann


Dr. McCullough’s report:

Enrollment – a 4% increase over last year in
terms of applications.

There was an increase in residence hall occupancy as

The Bachelor of Music degree proposal will be on the
April HEPC agenda along with the Bachelor of Social Work degree proposal.

Organizational Leadership program was just approved
in Curriculum Committee. Will come to Faculty Senate at next meeting.

Thanks for patience during recent Snow Days. No
plans to cancel Spring Break at this time.

Gov Manchin – our budget being reduced by
3.4%. No cuts in personnel. Several Hundred Thousand in cuts. Jack Wright
thanks us for our cooperation. Next year will also be cut.

Under consideration: 5% Tuition increase, or 3%
increase, or no increase. The Gov. wants a freeze. 3.75% will be our likely
increase. No more than 4% at this point.

Perpetual Academic Calendar needs to be adjusted:
Earliest starting date should be Jan 10 instead of Jan 11.

Dr. Lukich has been selected to serve on the HLC’s
“Program to Evaluate and Advance Quality”.

2010 Open House is March 20th.

A second Development Officer might be hired soon to
assist Jason Koegler.


Erik Root’s Report:

Met with Senator Yost in Charleston recently.

SB 6 – Right for Faculty and Higher Ed to
serve in Legislature. The Legislature is not KEEN on this idea.

Feb 28 – last day for bills to get out of
committee. SB 480 “Personnel Bill”.

SB 588 – very favorable to us. Places WLU,
Fairmont, etc. on the same level as WVU and Marshall.

These two bills were combined – to give it a
better chance to pass.

McCullough: it IS very likely that the bill will

Herrick: What does “Centralization of Curriculum”

Root: It doesn’t matter, because they (HEPC) won’t
let us.

McCullough: WVU and Marshall do not need HEPC
approval for new programs as of now. Under the bill, they would lose the
autonomy to do so. Thus leveling the playfield.

Root can get other details if needed.

McCullough: Series 19 – Early entrance
classes offered to seniors in HS would stand only as College credit with NO
CREDIT as a HS course. This would likely result in HSs cancelling these
classes due to low enrollment and therefore eliminating the early entrance
opportunities for prospective WL students.

Root: Go to WV Legislative website to track bills.


Social Committee Report:

Oct 6 meeting – 1)Fall Employee Appreciation
luncheon, 2)Holiday Employee Appreciation luncheon, 3)2 retirement parties.
The committee decided that these 4 were sufficient. The committee met with the
President on 11/10/2009. President was supportive and wanted to make the
Holiday luncheon a success. Should the Social Committee have their own budget?
The committee rejected it – too much work. Retirement gifts were

No other committee reports.



Parking. Gall will pass Parking concerns to John

Gall had lunch with the President last Tuesday.
Gave him a Campus Report preview. Smaller schools don’t have the lobbying power
that WVU and Marshall have. The President suggested joining with other small
WV schools to increase lobbying power.

The President invites us all to the monthly campus
reports – FREE LUNCH – in lieu of him attending our Senate


Action Items:

Motion to change the name of the Dept of Physical
Education to “Department of Health and Human Performance”.

Some concern over the term “Human Performance” being
too broad.

The justification for the name change was to get
away from the term “Physical Education” due to certain negative connotations.
The Department is trying to expand the perception of what students can do with
the education they receive.

Camden: Much research went into what these programs
are being called.

Fliess: How many schools use the words Health?

Camden: Approximately 82%.

Fliess: I’m worried about confusion between the
NAMES “Health Science” and “Health Education”.

Discussion ensued. Other names were proposed. The
question was called.

Motion Carries – Herrick and Fliess opposed.


Motion concerning recommendations from Student
Advising Committee.

Discussion about whether students who double major
should have one advisor for each major. The Senate feels that they should.

Fliess proposes an amendment for #2 on the handout:
“two parts…they must have an advisor for each major/part.” Hollie Buchanan
seconded. Amendment passes.

Call the question. Motion carries as amended.


Motion regarding proposed HEPC rule regarding
Bookstores and Textbooks.

Gall’s proposed response: We appreciate the intent
of the proposed Procedural Rule 133-51 regarding “Bookstores and Textbooks” but
we cannot support this policy in all its details, some of which seem to
infringe upon academic freedom, appear impractical, or create an undue burden
on faculty or school administration.

HEPC hears complaints from students all the time
about the expense of textbooks.

Root encourages senators to voice their opinions
directly to State Senators and other Legislators.

Call the question. Motion passes.


Meeting Adjourned at 4:05pm


Minutes respectfully submitted by Matthew Harder