Present: Craig Crow, Jim Crumbacher, Earl Nicodemus, Gail Smith, Leigh Bovard (Gibbs Davisdon), Lance Tarr, Michael Aulick, Richard Brown, Linda Cowan, Brian Fencl, Jasmine Garcia, Robert Gall, Shannon Halicki, Darrin Cox, Tammy McClain, Corey Reigel, Carolyn Kinney, Shirley Misselwitz, Hollie Buchanan, Travis Miller, Erik Root.
Others present: Shane Stack

The meeting was called to order by Robert Gall who explained that the purpose for the meeting was to elect new officers and committee chairs for the 2010-2012 faculty senate. These elected officers and chairs assume office July 1, 2010 and serve until June 30, 2012. Senators present were introduced.

Robert Gall was elected by ballot as Chair of Faculty Senate.
Corey Reigel was elected as Vice-chair.
Gail Smith was elected as Recording and Corresponding Secretary.

The following were committee chairs were elected:
Academic Policies and Procedures – Hollie Buchanan
Finance – Darrin Cox
Personnel – Linda Cowan
Social – Shirley Misselwitz
Student Advising – Tammy McClain

These individuals comprise the Senate Executive Board. Generally, the Board meets two weeks in advance of the Senate to discuss items for the agenda. The Senate usually meets the third Tuesday of the month.

The next scheduled meeting of the 2010-2012 Faculty Senate will be in September.

Senate Chair Gall noted that the Senate has its own web page at Senate.Westliberty.edu.
Senators and committee chairs are listed there and minutes are posted there.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Gail Smith
Recording Secretary