Faculty Senators 2013-2014

College of Business

Marketing and Management

Lihua Chen  ([email protected])

Craig Crow ([email protected])

Financial Systems

Jim Crumbacher ([email protected]) — Chair: Academic Policies and Procedures Committee*

T. Maurice Lockridge ([email protected])


College of Education

Professional Education

Ken Sexton  ([email protected])

Judy Stechly  ([email protected])

Health & Human Performance

Aaron Huffman ([email protected])

Richard West ([email protected])


College of Fine Arts & Communication

Journalism/Communication Studies/Fine Arts

Brian Fencl ([email protected])

Ryan McCullough  ([email protected])

Music & Theater

Christopher Barrick ([email protected]) — Chair, Social Committee*

Linda Cowan  ([email protected])  –Chair of Faculty Senate*

Sarah Davis ( [email protected])


College of Liberal Arts


Shannon Halicki ([email protected])

Dominique Hoche  ([email protected]) — Chair of Personnel and Policies Committee*

Social & Behavioral Science

Sheli Bernstein-Goff ([email protected])

Darrin Cox ([email protected])–Chair, Finance Committee*

Sylvia Hawranick-Senften  ([email protected])

Susan Herrick ([email protected])

Corey Reigel ([email protected])–Vice-Chair of Faculty Senate*


College of Science    

Health Science

Bonnie Porter ([email protected])

Kate Tennant   ([email protected])

Tracy Zang   ([email protected]) -  Secretary of Faculty Senate* ; Chair of the Student Advising Committee *

Natural Science & Mathematics

Hollie Buchanan ([email protected])

Fuhua Chen     ([email protected])

Jon Serra ( [email protected])

Matthew Zdilla ([email protected])


Advisory Council Representative

Sylvia Hawranick-Senften  ([email protected])

Board of Governors Representative

Frank Noble ([email protected])


President (ex-officio)

Robin Capehart ([email protected]

Provost (ex-officio)

Brian Crawford  ([email protected])


*Officers and Committee Chairs constitute the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate