General Information

Teacher Education Program
The Teacher Education Program at West Liberty University coordinates the state approved certification programs among the College of Education, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science, and the College of Arts and Communication.  The governing body of the Teacher Education Program, the Teacher Education Unit, is comprised of a representative from each of the areas of certification offered by West Liberty University. The voting representatives from these certification areas determine: certification curriculum changes, program admission points, program policies, and the assessment process/plan. All certification representatives act as liaisons between the Teacher Education Program and their respective academic departments and Colleges.  Unit member are typically selected by Department Chairs and/or Deans.  Unit meetings are held twice a month and led by the Director of Teacher Education.

Membership on the Teacher Education Unit 2014-2015

  • Director of Teacher Education, Ms. JoJo Ullom
  • Assistant Director of Teacher Education, Dr. Rhonda Noble
  • Assessment Coordinator, Dr. Traci Tuttle
  • Admission/Retention Coordinator, Mr. Earl Nicodemus
  • Clinical Partnerships Coordinator, Mr. Ken Sexton
  • Graduate Program Director, Mr. Richard West
  • Special Education, Mrs. Sarah Schimmel
  • Social Studies, Dr. Tammy McClain
  • English, Dr. Steve Criniti
  • Physical Education, Dr. Rhonda Noble
  • Health Education, Mrs. Cathy Monteroso
  • Math, Mrs. Jenna Cook
  • General Science, Mr. Travis Miller
  • Biology, Dr. Karen Kettler
  • Art, Ms. Nancy Tirone
  • Music, Mr. Patrick Garrett
  • Early Education, Ms. Nicole Davis
  • Elementary Education, Dr. Judy Stechly
  • *French, Dr. Shannon Halicki

*Certification programs pending state approval

Almost from its beginning when it was chartered as an academy by the Virginia Legislature in 1837, West Liberty Academy had the preparation of teachers as one of its purposes.  That mission was formalized on March 1, 1870 when the West Virginia Legislature officially renamed the institution and chartered it as West Liberty Normal School. The normal school name lasted until 1931 when an act of the West Virginia Legislature redefined the institution as West Liberty State Teachers’ College thereby granting it the privilege of expanding the curriculum from the two year normal school program for elementary teachers to a four year degree program for the preparation of either elementary or secondary teachers. With an early interest in program quality, the college obtained a special appropriation from the legislature to expand the library from 8300 volumes to over 15,000 volumes thereby overcoming the last roadblock to acceptance and accreditation in 1937 by the American Association of Teachers Colleges. When the West Virginia Legislature expanded the role of the institution and renamed it in 1943, the legislation included the following wording, “The function of the college shall continue to be the preparation of teachers through such courses of study as the faculties thereof shall proscribe with the approval of the State Board of Education.” the current charter of the University sets teacher preparation as one of the primary purposes of the institution.

In 1954, the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (Formerly the American Association of Teachers Colleges) turned the role of accrediting teacher education programs over to the newly formed National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE). West Liberty was one of the first institutions to be accredited by NCATE and is listed as one of the NCATE charter schools. West Liberty celebrated fifty years of NCATE accreditation in 2004, and last received approval in 2011.