Formal Admission into the WLU Teacher Education Program

Admission Point # 1

Teacher candidates must be admitted to the Teacher Education Program prior to enrolling in the EDUC 301, Educational Psychology. All upper level classes that follow EDUC 301 in the Professional Education sequence require the admission to the teacher education program.

Criteria for Formal Admission

  • Successful completion of at least 45 hours of 100 level or higher college courses.
  • Overall G.P.A. of 3.00 or higher (for students entering WLU in the 2014-2015).
  • Grade of “C” or better in the following courses:
    • ENG 101
    • ENG 102
    • COM 101
    • EDUC 100
    • EDUC 207
    • EDUC 290
    • SPED 241
  • Successful completion of Field I, Field II, and Practicum I (including 45 hours of documented field work).
  • Positive disposition assessments or evidence of remediation where necessary.
  • Successful completion of the PRAXIS I PPST Reading, Writing, and Mathematics tests  or submission of ACT or SAT scores meeting exemption status (based on WV Board of Education Policy 5100) *Anticipated changes from the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test to the Paxis Core Academic Skills for Educators (CASE) test are slated to take place in October 2013 [5751 – all tests at the same time; 5712 – reading (score of 156 required); 5722 – writing (score of 162 required); 5732 – math (score of 150 required)].
  • Completion of WLU Teacher Education Program required background check.
    Please follow the steps below to complete the criminal background check:

    • Go to
    • Click on “Students”.
    • In the “Package Code” box enter: WE38.
    • Cost $38.00.
    • Make sure to keep track of the log on information that is provided to you!
    • The results are usually available within two to four days.
    • The background check is valid for a period of 12 months.

Praxis I and II Test Information and Requirements

All education students, unless exempt from the Praxis I as stated in West Virginia Board of  Education Policy 5100, must pass the Praxis I tests to be eligible for admission into teacher education. The Praxis II tests must be passed prior to applying for teaching certification.

Praxis I and II registration is completed on-line at
Information about testing dates and test preparation is also available on the ETS web site. Students should review and download “Tests at a Glance” information instantly from the Praxis web site. One may determine which Praxis II tests are required on the Praxis web site or by Examining WVBE Policy 5100 at the WV Department of Education web site.

Students may visit the Teacher Education – Core Tests Prep page for information on the Praxis core tests preparation and additional help for review of the Praxis core tests.

Documentation from a single test administration of an America College Testing (ACT) composite score of 26 or above, an enhanced ACT score of 26 or above or Rescaled Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) composite score of 1170 (combined Critical Reading and Math) or above may be accepted as evidence of meeting the pre-professional skills component. ** (WV State Department of Education Policy 5100) Scores/tests may be revised by WVDE. To qualify for admission into teacher education or teaching certification, students must meet or exceed scores in place on the date of testing.

**Although WLU honors the West Virginia State Department of Education policy that waives the Praxis I for students who have the above mentioned ACT or SAT test scores, students who will seek teaching certification in other states which require the Praxis I may still be required to pass the test before those states will issue the teaching license.  To determine certification requirements for another state, the student should contact the State Department of Education in that state.

Application for Admission

Teacher candidates must complete the Online Application Form.

Admission Verification Process

After receiving the application and letter of recommendation, the Admission/Retention Coordinator verifies that all requirements have been met and reviews the candidate’s Teacher Education folder, including any negative dispositions to ensure it contains no documented issues or concerns that could impact the individual’s admission.

Notification of Admission

After the Admission/Retention Coordinator verifies that all criteria for admission have been met, then he or she notifies the student by e-mail that he or she has been formally admitted into the Teacher Education program. If the candidate is not admitted, then the Admission/Retention Coordinator notifies the individual via written letter of the reasons for the denial of admission and the appeal process for the Teacher Education Program.

Deadlines for Admission

All requirements must be met by the WEDNESDAY before a term during which the student intends to register for a course that requires admission to the program.