Special Education Multi-Categorical Certification

Permits teachers, with an existing certification and sufficient content in English, Reading, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies, to acquire an additional endorsement.  Candidates must fulfill all requirements set by the WVDE to be recommended for licensure. This degree requires graduate 12 courses (36 hours).

SPED Courses by Specific Terms Offered
(* Denotes elective courses)

Fall I:

  • SPED 541 Characteristics of Students with High Incidence Disabilities (only required if you did not have a special education survey/intro course as an undergraduate)
  • SPED 552 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with ID
  • *SPED 566 Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Supports (online)

Fall II:

  • SPED 520 Collaborative Teaching
  • *SPED 577 Response to Intervention (online)
  • *SPED 579 Transition Services for Students with Disabilities (online)

Spring I:

  • SPED 532 Historical Perspectives and Case Law (online)
  • SPED 551 Policies, Procedures, and Current Issues of Special Education
  • *SPED 562 Dyslexia and Orton-Gillingham Techniques

Spring II:

  • SPED 548 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with EBD
  • SPED 555 Advanced Assessment and Instruction for Students with LD
  • *SPED 549 Collaborative Learning and Peer Tutoring in the Inclusive Classroom (online)


  • SPED 532 Historical Perspectives and Case Law
  • *SPED 501 Autism I
  • *SPED 502 Autism II
  • *SPED 574 Assistive Technology Evaluation and Implementation (online)

Also required for WV Special Ed Multi-cat certification:

  • READ 512 Advanced Reading Intervention
  • EDUC 461 Math Methods and Materials
  • SPED 580 Student Teaching in Special Education (Required for Certification)

Required Education Core Courses, which are offered every term (fit these in around the above required courses):

  • EDUC 502 Professional Writing
  • EDUC 503 Technology Applications
  • EDUC 506 Motivation and the Development of Creativity
  • EDUC 512 Assessment and Analysis for Teaching – Learning
  • EDUC 581 Research and Capstone (must be taken during your last semester)

Students who are going for certification in Special Education need to refer to the Graduate Student Policy Manual , pages 13 and 14.  Also, the student will need to complete a student teaching requirement.

Click to see the complete Graduate Course Descriptions (page 213 – 218).

Click to download the complete Planning Check Sheet.

Each of the classes are 3 credit-hours. They will meet as face to face and on-line to equal fifteen (15) sessions during an eight week time period during a regular semester or a six week time period during a summer session. When the courses meet face to face they will be conducted at the West Liberty Highlands Center in Wheeling, WV.

Complete the Degree Plan at the completion of 18 hours. This plan needs to be given to your Graduate Advisor for signature and then submitted to the Director of Graduate Education. You will receive a signed copy in return to confirm the acceptance of your courses and remaining program requirements. Official transcripts are required to be to be sent to WLU’s registrar before any transfer credits can be added to your West Liberty University transcript. Click to download Degree Plan form.

For more information, please contact:

Director of the Graduate Program
Richard West
West Liberty University
325B Main Hall
208 University Drive
Campus Union Box 103
West Liberty, WV 26074
Office: 304-336-8478
[email protected]