Advanced Teaching

This area is designed to help the candidate examine and enhance professional practice.  Any individual involved in education (public and private sector) as a part of their profession, may benefit from this track.  Special emphasis is placed on educational philosophy and curriculum design.

Common Core Courses (18 Credit Hours)

  • EDUC 506 Motivation and the Development of Creativity
  • EDUC 502 Professional Writing
  • EDUC 503 Technology Applications
  • EDUC 512 Assessment and Analysis for Teaching – Learning
  • EDUC 553 Law and Liability
  • EDUC 581 Research and Capstone

Area of Emphasis (12 Credit Hours)

  • EDUC 521 Educational Philosophy
  • EDUC 532 Curriculum Design: Theory and Practice

Select 4 of the Following from List Below

  • SPED 549 Peer Tutoring in the Inclusive Classroom
  • SPED 562 Advanced Techniques in Orton Gillingham
  • EDUC 520 Current Issues & Trends
  • EDUC 530 Techniques for English Language Learners
  • EDUC 535 Arts Integration and Multi-Cultural Learning
  • EDUC 542 Flexible and Creative Learning Environments
  • EDUC 561 Comparative Education
  • EDUC 565 Poverty Studies and Student Achievement

Click to see the complete Graduate Course Descriptions (page 213 – 218).

Click to download the complete Planning Check Sheet.

Each of the classes are 3 credit-hours. They will meet as face to face and on-line to equal fifteen (15) sessions during an eight week time period during a regular semester or a six week time period during a summer session. When the courses meet face to face they will be conducted at the West Liberty Highlands Center in Wheeling, WV.

Complete the Degree Plan at the completion of 18 hours. This plan needs to be given to your Graduate Advisor for signature and then submitted to the Director of Graduate Education. You will receive a signed copy in return to confirm the acceptance of your courses and remaining program requirements. Official transcripts are required to be to be sent to WLU’s registrar before any transfer credits can be added to your West Liberty University transcript. Click to download Degree Plan form.

For more information, please contact:

Director of the Graduate Program
Richard West
West Liberty University
325B Main Hall
208 University Drive
Campus Union Box 103
West Liberty, WV 26074
Office: 304-336-8478
[email protected]