Museum Education

This major is designed for students who are interested in museum education in any area (e.g., arts, sciences, historic, etc.) and want to become leaders in community-based organizations related to museums, promoting the service, care, and education of children, adolescents, and life-long learners.

Career Opportunities

Students in Museum Education can work as Program Directors for Science, History, or Children’s Museums (e.g., Children’s Museum in Wheeling and Pittsburgh).


The Bachelor of Arts in Community Education degree program with Museum Education major at West Liberty University will be a 120 credit hour course of study.

The coursework includes:

  • 63 credit hours of general studies courses
  • 36 credit hours common core requirements
  • 21 credit hours of major studies

Included in the 36 credit hours of common core requirements are 4 credit hours of internship/international community experience in the Community Arts major.

Common Core Courses (36 Credit Hours)

  • EDUC 201 Human Development (3 hrs)
  • SPED 241  Exceptionalities and Diversities (3 hrs)
  • EDUC 301  Educational Psychology (3 hrs)
  • ENT 350 Entrepreneurship and Law (3 hrs)
  • CEP 411 Formal & Non-Formal Education Models (3 hrs)
  • CEP 421  Promoting Creativity & the Arts (3 hrs)
  • CEP 422  Outdoor Learning Spaces (2 hrs)
  • CEP 433  Program Design & Implementation (3 hrs)
  • CEP 442  Community Empowerment & Engagement (3 hrs)
  • CEP 443  Fundraising & Grant Writing (3 hrs)
  • CEP 463  Rethinking 21st Century Education (3 hrs)
  • CEP 493  Internship/ International Community Experience (4 hrs)

Major Studies (21 Credit Hours)

  • ENT 202 Creative Problem Solving (3 hrs)
  • MTG 350 Principles of Management (3 hrs)
  • CEP 432 Museum Pedagogy: Theory and Practice (3 hrs)
  • CEP 452 Reggio Emilia & Other Approaches (3 hrs)
  • CEP 453 Museum Exhibition Design Principles (3 hrs)
  • CEP 473 Community & School-Based Programming (3 hrs)

Select 1 of the Following from List Below

  • COM 227 Visual Literacy (3 hrs)
  • COM 231 News Writing and Reporting (3 hrs)
  • COM 313 Organization Communication (3 hrs)
  • COM 426 Multimedia and Social Networking (3 hrs)
  • COM 434 Desktop Publishing (3 hrs)

Click to view and download the complete Planning Check Sheet.

West Liberty University’s Bachelor of Arts in Community Education Program follows the 120 credit hour model for a bachelor’s degree and is designed for completion in three academic years. Despite the intention of this program to be an accelerated three-year program, students who wish to expand their studies to four years have the option to do so, by not taking summer classes but adding a fourth year of Fall IV and/or Spring IV classes.

Community Education’s Museum Education Partnership

  • Andy Warhol Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Brooke County Historical Museum & Culture Center, Wellsburg, WV
  • Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley (CMOV), Wheeling, WV
  • Children’s Museum, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Oglebay Institute, Wheeling, WV
  • Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, Pittsburgh, PA

Community Education Student in Internship

indexCongratulations to Olivia Best on her receipt of a prestigious paid internship and her selection in the Civic Leader Fellowship Program coordinated by the Community Foundation of the Ohio Valley. Olivia’s paid internship was with the Oglebay Institute Mansion Museum.

“Olivia was a wonderful asset and I am so pleased that her experience with us made such a significant impact on her life. These collaborative partnerships are so important to us at Oglebay Institute and to the community as a whole,” said Oglebay Institute President Danielle Cross McCracken.

Olivia is majoring in Museum Education in the Community Education Program in the College of Education. In addition to her work with OI, Olivia has worked with the Children’s Museum of the Ohio Valley for the past two years. Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas, the Director of the Community Education Program, works with students to secure practicum and internship experiences as part of their academic program at WLU. Olivia played a significant role in the West Center Project this past fall, and she was one of the students who attended the presentation to the WLU Board of Governors meeting in October about the Center.

Please read more about her internship experience at:


For more information, please contact:

Director of Community Education
Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas
West Liberty University
308 Main Hall
208 University Drive
Campus Union Box 162
West Liberty, WV 26074
Office: 304-336-8561
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