Happy Friday Tools/Apps Learning

Every Friday, one (1) instructional tool/app will be introduced to everyone through the College of Education website. Faculty and students can watch and follow the tutorial videos for a quick how-to.

Signed Story 90x90Signed Stories (01-23-2015)
Signed Stories apps are free literacy tools for schools and families on both iPhone and iPad. It has dyslexia-friendly caption settings. Every story is animated. Readers can watch stories without Wi-Fi after download. Stories are carefully selected with the guidance of education professionals to support teachers working to Common Core State Standards and the ECERS-R scale. The series of apps received 2013 CSI and the Webby awards. Watch a brief Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

Coach Eye 90x90Coach’s Eye (01-16-2015)
Coach’s Eye is a video capturing  app for enhancing performance. Coaches and trainees can record HD videos and instantly review them in slow motion to evaluate performance on the field or on the go using instant replay tools. Users can share coaching videos simply via social media, email, text massage, other apps (e.g., Dropbox, Edmodo, Evernote). Watch a brief Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

shushiSushi Monster (12-12-2014)
Sushi Monster
is one of Scholastic’s game-based math apps — place sushi pieces near the monster and make a correct equation to feed the monster. By engaging and overcoming the challenges in Sushi Monster, students can practice, reinforce, and improve math fact fluency, with twelve levels of increasing difficulty. Sushi Monster meets the Common Core State Standard: extend fact knowledge to support strategic reasoning and computational flexibility in addition and multiplication. Watch a brief Tutorial Video  to learn a quick how-to.

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MoMA Art Lab (12-05-2014)
MoMA Art Lab is an app providing students at ages 7 and up with creative and inspiring experiences in using and producing fascinating artwork.  With MoMA Art Lab, students can also investigate how modern artists use line, shape, and color, with examples from the Museum of Modern Art’s collection. Students can create and save their own artwork through using any of the 9 activities. Watch a condensed Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

Daily YogaDaily Yoga (11-21-2014)
Like to burn fat, lose weight, get relaxed, or relieve stress at home or teach your students how to nourish their health and help them achieve fitness goals in your PE class? Daily Yoga is the yoga coaching app, providing more than 50 yoga exercises and more than 400 yoga poses, HD videos, live voice guide, and soothing music for routine and extended yoga exercise. Please watch the Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

CPOInteractive Science Glossary (11-14-2014)
The Interactive Physical Science (PS) Glossary app is a study and review tool for learning nearly 100 physical science (e.g., matter, energy, and change) terms and concepts, presented through simulations, video, science content, and flash cards.Teachers and students can search glossary terms by alphabetical order or physical science topic. Please watch the Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

Austim iHelpAutism iHelp (11-07-2014)
Autism iHelp is a vocabulary teaching aid developed by parents of a child with Autism and a speech-language pathologist. Autism iHelp includes fun and interactive apps, such as WH Questions, Play, Language Concepts, Sorting, Same and Different, and Comprehension. Please watch the Tutorial Video for the WH Questions and Play apps to learn a quick how-to.

Rehabilitation for Lower LimbsRehabilitation for Lower Limbs (10-31-2014)
The Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs is a clinically relevant and educational app for faculty and students in the Athletic Training program to visually and effectively communicate 165 injury, condition, and disorder concepts and exercise rehabilitation to their clients. Watch the Quick Tutorial Video to learn a quick how-to.

Trading CardsTrading Cards (10-24-2014)
The Trading Cards is a handy app for teachers and students to create flash cards and help students study, summarize books, follow characters in a book study, and so much more! Check out the App Integration Snapshot and watch the Quick Tutorial Video to know how to use the app within an educational setting. The app is put out by the International Reading Association and is useful in all content areas. It is appropriate for grades 3-12! (Source: Bridge Point Elementary Educational Technology Department)

Popplet Lite (04-04-2014)
Popplet is an app that lets students and teachers create webs of words, pictures, and drawings. Webs can be any size and color. This app and its features can be used with any grade level and subject. The free version lets users create one popplet at a time, but the paid version ($4.99 in the App Store) allows users to create and share unlimited Popplets.

Socrative (04-04-2014)
Socrative is a free instant response system that can be used with any web enabled device. With Socrative, teachers can pose single questions in multiple choice, true/false, and short answer format and have students submit answers with their cell phones or other devices. Teachers can also create and give quizzes with Socrative and have the reports sent to them. Socrative is excellent for both formative and summative assessments and utilizes equipment that most students already have.

TeacherKit (03-28-2014)
TeacherKit is an app designed specifically for teachers to create seating charts, take attendance, track behavior, and input grades. Teachers can create many classes and fill each class with students, and the app keeps track of all of the data entered about each student. Reports can then be emailed to any recipient.

Notability (03-28-2014)
Notability is a powerful notetaking app that allows you to type text, record sounds, write notes in your handwriting, and highlight. Notability also allows you to import PDFs and annotate them using these same features. All notes created in Notability can be sorted into folders and exported to others via email or online document management servers. Notability can be used by both teachers and students to take notes and read and annotate PDFs. Notability can also be used for grading assignments if students send their documents as a PDF to be annotated. Additionally, Notability can be used as a virtual whiteboard. These two videos demonstrate how to use the majority of the features of Notability.

Explain Everything, Part 2 (03-21-2014)
Explain Everything has been a top paid education app since its release in United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany and Turkey. This video demonstrates how to create recordings on Explain Everything, and what a completed recording looks like. This video also shows you how to record over a mistake in a video. Lastly, you can learn how to create a video from an existing document.

Explain Everything, Part 1 (03-21-2014)
Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Check out this video for a tutorial about how to use the tools on the app Explain Everything. The tools included are the pencil, the shapes, the new page, the new picture, the red laser, the undo, and more.

Safari in iPad (03-21-2014)
This video teaches the various aspects of Safari, the web browser. You can learn how to create bookmarks and favorites, and how to add a website as an icon on your iPad.

Managing Apps (03-21-2014)
This video discusses how to manage your apps on your iPad including how to delete apps from your iPad and how to close them out. This video also shows how to move apps from screen to screen, how to place them in folders, and how to utilize the dock bar. You can also learn about the Control Center and how to access its features.