Reading Workshops

“Research-Validated Vocabulary Strategies for Upper Elementary and Secondary Students”
This workshop will provide participants with a hands-on approach to classroom-ready research-validated vocabulary strategies with an emphasis in upper elementary/middle/high school.  (1 or 2 hours)

Presenter:  Dr. Keely Camden, Dean, College of Education
Keely Camden is a former special education teacher and Associate Professor of Special Education.

“PALS:  Using Peers to Increase Reading Achievement in K-6 and HS”
This workshop will review twenty years of research that supports the effective design of improving student word reading, fluency, and comprehension with the use of partner reading in the classroom.  Teachers will be trained in the direct instruction techniques for supporting students in the Tier 1 and Tier 2.  (2 or 3 hours)

Presenter:  Dr. Traci Tuttle, Associate Professor of Special Education, West Liberty University
Traci is a former special education teacher; she received her Masters degree from Vanderbilt University where she worked with the Fuchs on RTI research.

“Bookmaking in Elementary Classroom”