High School Workshops

Workshop Series — Topic Presentations for High School Students (Click here to download the workshop information in PDF format.)

“Budgets and Money”
This workshop will provide students with an understanding of how to build a budget for expenses and college costs.  Budgetary issues related to percentage of living costs, total debt, and saving accounts will be emphasized through case studies and hands-on budget activities.  (1 or 2 hours)

“On Becoming a Teacher”
This workshop will provide students with information about the teaching profession, the process of program application and certification (including the national Praxis I and II tests), and market and employment trends for the various areas of licensure.  (1 hour)

“Autism and Asperger Syndrome:  An Overview”
This workshop will guide participants through an overview of the common characteristics of autism spectrum disorders, diagnostic criteria, and low-cost classroom adaptations. (1 or 2 hours)

“College Planning”
This workshop will guide students through career options, college planning, both academically and personally, and considerations for college success.  Included is a “cheat sheet” of terminology for higher education, financial planning options and scholarship considerations.
(1 or 2 hours)

“Leadership Studies”
What does it mean to lead?  Is there an art and science to leadership?
This workshop will provide students with an opportunity to examine case studies of effective (and infamous) leaders with a special emphasis on personal characteristics and motivational factors that influence people. (1 or 2 hours)

“Arts Integration:  From STEM to STEAM”
This interactive workshop will provide students with an understanding of arts integration in the content areas.  The arts, including theater, dance, music, visual arts, and digital media, are powerful tools for increasing creativity, communication skills, and problem-solving ability.  More than “arts-enhanced” curriculum, arts integration provides an opportunity for students to create original works rooted in core curriculum.  (1 or 2 hours)

“Public Speaking and Teaching”
This interactive workshop will work with students to improve “stage” presence and storytelling ability.  Participants will critique speech techniques and practice several activities related to presentation.  (1-2 hours)

“Hot Careers for the Future”
This workshop will creatively look at careers of the future including those in digital media, health care professions, education, communications, and the arts.  Students will have an opportunity to review related programs of study and needed qualifications/certifications for positions.

“What are Graphic Design and Digital Media Design”
This workshop will provide students with information about the fields of Graphic Design and Digital Media Design; discussion will focus on what jobs are available with these degrees and some misconceptions related to the fields.  (1 hour)

“Communications in the Arts”
This workshop will creatively look at careers in the Communications field, including those in Communications Studies, Broadcast Journalism, Print Journalism, Documentary Film, Sports Broadcasting, and Public Relations.  Students will have an opportunity to learn more about and discuss the rapid changes occurring in the Communications industry.

“College Prep and Athletics”
This workshop will provide participants with detailed information about participating and competing in collegiate-level athletics, important scholarship considerations, scheduling issues, and differences in NCAA divisions. 

“iPad Applications for College”
This workshop will explore incredible apps that will assist students in the College classroom.  Note-taking, voice recording, creating graphic organizers, collecting research, etc. will be demonstrated on iPads with participants. 

“Social Media and the College Landscape”
This workshop explores the uses and abuses of social media by students on College and University campus.  Ways to selectively control content, maintain a professional on-line presence, and explore legal issues related to confidentiality will be explored and discussed. 

Dr. Keely Camden, Dean for the College of Education, West Liberty University
Keely is a former special education teacher and Associate Professor of Special Education.  She teaches coursework related to special education, autism, classroom management, assessment, and reading.

Dr. Bill Baronak, Dean for the College of Arts and Communication, West Liberty University
Bill is a former television videographer and Assistant Professor of Communications.  He teaches coursework in public speaking, video production, media survey, and leadership studies.

Ms. Lou Karas, Director of the Center for Arts and Education, West Liberty University
Lou has worked extensively in arts advocacy and arts leadership.  She was the Director of the Appalachian Education Initiative, a non-profit arts intermediary in Morgantown, WV before creating the Center for Arts and Education at West Liberty University.

Mr. Rick West, Director of the Graduate Education Program and faculty member in Exercise Physiology.
Rick has worked in various fields including physical and health education, pharmaceutical sales, collegiate coaching (Division 1 and II for Swimming), and higher education administration.

To schedule a workshop or request for further information, please contact:

Dr. Keely Camden, Dean, College of Education
West Liberty University
326A Main Hall
208 University Drive
College Union Box 147
West Liberty, WV 26074
Office: 304-336-8247
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