Faculty & Staff

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Dr. Keely Camden
Dean, College of Education/Director of Graduate Education
326A Main Hall
[email protected]

Ms. Margy Bungard
Field Experience Coordinator
303 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-830-1745

Dr. Miriam Roth Douglas
Assistant Professor of Education /Community Education Director
105 Shotwell Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8561

Mr. Jerry Duncan
Instructor of Athletic Training
Work Phone: 304-336-8651

Mrs. Anastasia Durdines
JASON Project Coordinator/Graduate Assistant
192 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8169

Dr. Leann Elkins
Associate Professor and Coordinator of MA.Ed. Program
Highlands Center 224
Work Phone: 304-217-2800 Ext. 5

Ms. Courtney Forsch
Data Manager
322 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-5584

Dr. David Hanna
Associate Professor of Athletic Training/Athletic Training Program Director
211 ASRC
Work Phone: 304-336-8547

Mrs. Hannah Harnar
Instructor of Athletic Training/Clinical Education Coordinator
Work Phone: 304-336-8650

Mrs. Melissa Hudson
Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
G4A Blatnik
Work Phone: 304-336-8534

Dr. Aaron Huffman
Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education
Work Phone: 304-336-8222

Ms. Lou Karas
Center for Arts and Education Director
133 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8162

Dr. Ryan Koenig
Assistant Professor of Exercise Physiology/Exercise Physiology Program Director
118C Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8505

Mrs. Theresa Kowcheck
Instructor of Reading
106 Shotwell Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8996

Mr. Herb Minch
Instructor of Athletic Training
Work Phone: 304-336-8476

Dr. Catherine Monteroso
Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education/Recruitment and Retention Coordinator
402 ASRC
Work Phone: 304-336-8231

Dr. Rhonda Noble
Professor of Physical Education/Chair
415 ASRC
Work Phone: 304-336-8237

Dr. Li-Wei Peng
Associate Professor of Education/Instructional Technology Coordinator
Highlands Center 227
Work Phone: 304-217-2800 Ext. 7

Mrs. Sarah Schimmel
Assistant Professor of Education
110 Shotwell Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8170

Ms. JoJo Shay
Associate Professor of Education/Chair
320 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8080

Mrs. Nicole Davis Shepherd
Instructor of Education/Student Teaching Coordinator
319 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8424

Mrs. Sara Sweeney
Campus Manager
Work Phone: 304-217-2800 EXT 1

Mrs. Dawn Swiger
Administrative Secretary
317 Main Hall
Work Phone: 304-336-8057

Mrs. Kathleen Wack
Assistant Professor of Health and Physical Education
403 ASRC
Work Phone: 304-336-8535