Featured Alumnus – Amy W. Loring




AmyOur alumnus, Amy Loring (1989, Elementary Degree 1-8 with a specialization in Special Education K-12) and her sister, Lori Smith run professional development workshops through Ashland University as well as several school districts in Columbus and expand into other areas. Their mission is to motivate classroom teachers and administrators who work with challenging student populations. Their focus is to develop a better background when working with students who struggle in the classroom, whether due to the many issues surrounding poverty, or students with behavioral issues, attention issues, depression, and lack of overall motivation due to outside or internal factors. They give concrete strategies, lesson ideas, activities to foster engagement, and coping mechanisms for teachers who work with these at-risk type of students. They delve into the problems many students face today with testing and societal pressures, lack of schema development, and emergent literacy skills, as well as emotional struggles. Amy and Lori’s Educational Consulting Business is called Two Teachers on the Edge. Please visit their Website or contact them at [email protected] for the possible professional development workshop opportunities and learn from the reflections and challenges of their daily experiences.