Pre-Osteopathic Early Acceptance Program

WVSOM in the spring

West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine

Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Track (WLU Pre Medicine Major)
The Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Track at WLU prepares students to apply for early acceptance into WVSOM in the summer before the senior year.


For eligibility to WVSOM Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Track, students must:

  • Will have completed or be scheduled to complete the following courses:
    8 hours Biology
    8 hours General Chemistry
    8 hours Organic Chemistry
  • Maintain a science GPA of 3.2 or higher
  • Have an ACT score of 21 or higher, or a SAT score of 980-1020 or higher (or 1500 with writing test addition).
  • Attend a two-day summer program specifically designed for the Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Track (hosted by WVSOM)
  • Complete application to WVSOM in the spring of the junior (3rd) year of study at WLU
  • Achieve a 23 or higher on the MCAT with minimum sub-score in any one area of no less than 6 (taken late fall term or very early spring term of the 3rd year of study at WLU)
  • Schedule and complete successfully a summer admission interview with the WVSOM Admissions Office
  • Students successfully accepted to WVSOM will begin the first year of professional study after completing all requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at West Liberty University
Sample Curriculum
Download Sample Curriculum

Biology Core Courses – 8 credits
  • Bio 124/125 Biological Principals – 4
  • Bio 202 Zoology – 4
Chemistry Core Courses – 19 credits
  • Chem 110/110, 112/113 General Chemistry – 8
  • Chem 340/341, 342/343 Organic Chemistry – 8
  • Chem 480 Biochemistry – 3
Mathematics Core Courses – 7 credits
  • Math 210 Calculus – 4
  • Math 160 Statistics – 3
  • Bio 221 Biological Statistics – 3
Physics Core Courses – 8 credits
English Composition and Rhetoric Courses – 6 credits
Behavioral and Social Sciences Courses – 8 credits
  • Psyc 101 Psychology – 3
  • Soc 150 Sociology – 3
Medical Track Courses – 40-42 credits
  • Major Specific courses – 28-30
  • Restricted Elective – 12

* West Liberty University determines the additional courses necessary to fulfill undergraduate degree requirements

** Upon successful completion of this curriculum, students will receive a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from West Liberty University. Entrance into this track does not guarantee acceptance into WVSOM; students earning this degree will be prepared for other medical programs as well.

B.S. in Biology Degree: Pre-Osteopathic Medicine Track
Download the Major Advising Sheet

First Year
Second Year
Third Year (take MCAT late fall or early spring)
Fourth Year

Restricted Biology Electives (to total 120h- 10 credits): BIO 356/357: Parasitology; BIO 462: Microbial Pathogenesis; BIO: 426 Comparative A&P; BIO 465: Virology; BIO 200: Botany;  BIO 338: Medicinal Botany;  BIO 330: Nutrition; BIO 432: Histology; BIO: 423 Pathophysiology; BIO 350: Developmental Biology; BIO 407: Human Genetics

Students must take math through Calculus I, Statistics, a Sociology class and a Psych Class