Journalism and Communication Studies Instructor, Ryan McCullough presented research at the National Communication Association’s (NCA) 97th Annual Convention. The conference was held in New Orleans, Louisiana from November 17-20. The NCA Annual Convention is the largest and most prestigious communication studies-related convention in the country.

Mr. McCullough co-authored a paper with Daniel Mistich from the University of Georgia. Their paper, “Poststructural Prudence: Rethinking Phronesis Through Derrida,” was part of a panel entitled, “The Voice of Continental Philosophy in Rhetorical and Communication Theory.” The panel was sponsored by the Rhetorical and Communication Theory Division of NCA. Other members of the panel included Matthew Morris from the University of Texas at Austin, Michelle LaVigne from the University of San Fransisco, and Robert Green from Purdue University.

Mr. McCullough and Mr. Mistich received very positive responses from the audience members. “I believe we received some very valuable comments, criticisms, and feedback,” stated Mr. McCullough. “Based on the response to the presentation, I certainly believe we can extend this paper into a published article.”