The College of Arts and Communication is pleased to announce that they have added Communication Studies as a new degree concentration. Communication Studies is being added in addition to the department’s current concentrations of Broadcast and Journalism. The Non-Comprehensive degree concentration will no longer be offered, although the students currently enrolled in this program may choose to graduate within this concentration or transfer into the Communication Studies program.

Communication Studies is the perfect concentration for students with multiple interests and diverse talents because the discipline provides theory, tools, and techniques for analyzing, managing and improving communication in every arena of professional and personal interaction.

All students seeking a degree in Communication will, at the end of their course of studies, earn a Bachelor of Science in Communication with a concentration in (either) Broadcast, Journalism, or Communication Studies.

For more information, please click on “Programs” and from the drop-down menu, click on “Communication Studies”. Click here to be taken directly to the Communication Studies page!

You can also email us for more information:

William Baronak, Dean of the College of Arts and Communication
[email protected]

Brian Fencl, Department Chair
[email protected]

Brianne Bayer Mitchell, Communication Faculty
[email protected]

Ryan McCullough, Communication Faculty
[email protected]

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