In October of 2010 MMG (Mercenary Media Group) shot a twenty-five minute pilot for their first full length feature film Ronnie Hoffman: Limo Driver. Parties involved with the film include West Liberty University illuminists Mark “Adam” Leonard and Dustin “Scooter” Heavilin. Both graduated with Communication degrees (Leonard/Journalism) (Heavilin/Theatre). Heavilin will be the second lead role opposite Ronnie Hoffman, and also take on production duties. Leonard will also have a small role in the film and serve as the company’s PR Director. The film focuses around an overweight washed up collegiate athlete turned limo driver, and follows him for a night out on the town where chaos ensues. The lead role will be played by former West Liberty student Aaron Dietz, with other former student Chase DeFelice acting as Director of Cinematography. The film is in final stages of pre-production and shooting is estimated for early March.