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What is a Topper Card?

The Topper Card is the identification card for all students, faculty and staff of West Liberty University.  Everyone on campus needs a Topper Card.  In addition to being the official I.D. card on campus, it is also used as a meal card, access card, library card, and as an added bonus, a pre-paid debit/credit card.

How do I get my Topper Card?

As a new student, you will get your picture taken in the College Union Office, and have your Topper Card printed.  This first card is free of charge.  It stays active for the remainder of your time at West Liberty.  Use your card to get into your residence hall, to use your meal plan to eat at the Marketplace or in one of the Sodexo restaurants on the main floor of the College Union, including Jazzman’s Cafe, The Grille, Taco Bell, or Pizza Hut.  Your Topper Card is your access card to gain access to events, including sporting events and other activities on campus.  You can also use your Topper Card in vending machines and laundry facilities, with your Topper Dollars.

What are Topper Dollars?

Topper Dollars are a safe way for students to carry funds, without the worry of cash.  The Topper Dollar fund is used to place a value on the Topper Card, which functions like a pre-paid debit/credit card.  As the card is used, the value on the card decreases, but can be replenished at any time.  The funds that are placed on this card can then be used in various places around campus, such as vending machines, our Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Subway, and all Sodexo locations.  In addition, the funds can also be used for laundry facilities in the Residence Halls.

How can I add money to my Topper Card?

The best way to add money to your Topper Card is through eAccounts.  Click here to register and access your eAccount.  Simply register with your WLU email address, and you can add money from there!  You may also stop in the College Union Office to add Topper Dollars with a credit/debit card.  If you wish to use cash or check, please visit the Business Office on the third floor of Shaw Hall.

What should I do if my Topper Card has been lost or stolen?

Lost or stolen Topper Cards should be immediately reported to the College Union Office.  Replacement costs are the responsibility of the cardholder.  The cost to replace a lost or stolen card is $15.00.  You can also report your lost/stolen card by logging in to your eAccount.  Your Topper account can either be frozen (in this case, if you find your card, we can unfreeze it, and it can be used again), or a new card can be issued.  When a new card is issued, the missing/stolen card is deactivated and therefore rendered unusable.  We are unable to reactivate old cards once a new card has been issued.

To Replace Your Topper Card

Head over to the College Union Office and we can help you with any issues you may be having with your card.  We can reprint your card, whether you lost or broke you card.  If your card is broken, make sure you bring it in with you…you get a discount if you have it with you!

Replacement Cost: $15.00

Replacement Cost if you have your old/broken card: $10.00



Topper Dollars Account Cardholder Agreement