The mailroom is located in the College Union Office, in the basement of the College Union.  The mailroom houses all on-campus mailboxes for employees and residential students.  When a student moves on campus, he/she is assigned a mailbox number; you can find out what your mailbox number is by either stopping by the office and asking one of the staff, or you can check your WINS account.  Only residential students will receive a mailbox number; if you live off-campus, you do not have a mailbox number in the mailroom.


How to address your mail


College Union Box _____

208 University Drive

West Liberty, WV 26074 



You can have your mail forwarded!  Just visit the mailroom to fill out a forwarding address form, or you can email us your new address at [email protected]


How to check your mail

Just stop by the College Union Office and ask one of the staff to check your mailbox.  If you have received a package, you will be asked to show your Topper Card for identification, and then will be asked to sign for your package.  Please make sure you stop in periodically, as you may receive mail from campus departments in your mailbox.

Faculty/Departmental PackageDelivery Procedures

To ensure prompt delivery of packages, when faculty/staff visit the mailroom to pick up mail, please also ask the student worker to check if there are any packages.  If you would like your packages delivered, please let the student worker know, and we will add you to our delivery list.   Due to availability of student workers, deliveries are made 2-3 times per week, not daily.