New Faculty – Leann DiAndreth-Elkins

Leann DiAndreth-Elkins is the new Assistant Professor of Special Education within the College of Education at West Liberty University. Currently. Elkins is part of the Graduate Program, and teaches her courses at West Liberty University’s Highlands Center.

She explained her choosing of the program at West Lib by saying, “I’ve always wanted to work at a smaller university that offers a personalized and caring educational program and where undergraduates take priority.”

Elkins also hopes to become involved with local schools, teachers, and students in all areas of disabilities, especially any opportunities with individuals with special needs. She is also a member of the national sorority Alpha Xi Delta, so she plans to connect with West Liberty sisters and alumni.

Elkins has had much experience in working with college students, training teachers, and providing services to individuals with special needs. The students that she interacted with at Texas Tech University inspired her to pursue her doctorate. She also created a specific academic support program at Texas Tech for those college students with learning disabilities.

She says, “I believe that all students, even those with physical or academic challenges, can learn skills to be successful, contributing adults if they are provided the appropriate education and training.”

Just as the other new faculty members, Elkins appears to be an asset to the ever-growing repertoire of the College of Education at West Liberty University.

By Caitlyn Johnson