New Faculty – Herb Minch

Herb Minch, who has been a member of the West Liberty University campus as Head Athletic Trainer for a number of years, has transitioned into a faculty member and Clinical Education Coordinator for the Athletic Training Education Program while still maintaining his position as Head Athletic Trainer.

Minch will be teaching the practicum courses every semester, and will be responsible for placing students in clinical assignments for the semester and making certain things are going well with the students and their preceptor on a bi-weekly basis.

He is full of praise for West Liberty. Minch said, “My experiences at West Lib have been outstanding, even dating back to my freshman year. West Lib is not only a great place to grow, but it is a great place to live and work.”

The new Coordinator wears many other hats, including being a member of the West Liberty Volunteer Fire Department. He was also the head coach of softball at West Lib until 2011. Minch’s passion for the town and school is very apparent.

“The most enjoyable part of my time at West Liberty will always be working with the students,” he said. “I am so excited for the future of the Athletic Training Education Program, and I look forward to helping the students pursue their careers within the program.”

Minch graduated from West Liberty State College with a Bachelor of Arts in Health and Physical Education. He then obtained his Master of Science in Physical Education with an emphasis in Athletic Training form West Virginia University.

By Caitlyn Johnson