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Oglebay Recreation Internship (posted on 8-29-2013)
Oglebay is looking for a recreation internship.  They are flexible in terms of major – Sport Management, Tourism & Event Management, Education, Fine Arts, or any other related major with an interest in planning resort recreational activities, particularly for children. [Read more...]

MAKESHOP (posted on 2-11-2013)
MAKESHOP at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is partnering with the Maker Education Initiative, a program linked to MAKE Magazine, to launch the Maker Corps program this spring. They are recruiting potential Maker Corps members that will serve as MAKESHOP facilitators and mentors for their visitors and youth programs. [Read more...]

Teach in China (posted on 1-23-2013)
The Ameson Education and Cultural Exchange Foundation, a non-profit organization, is looking to provide recent graduates with a job opportunity to teach English in China for one year through their Ameson Year in China (AYC) program. [Read more...]

Energy Express (posted on 11-09-2012)
Energy Express is in the process of recruiting members for the summer of 2013 and we hope that you all can help us in our efforts.  Energy Express is an 8-week AmeriCorps summer reading program promoting the school success of West Virginia children living in rural and low-income communities. [Read more...]