westlibertyMessage from Center For Entrepreneurship Director Carrie White, MBA, JD, EdD:

Thank you for visiting The Center for Entrepreneurship at West Liberty University, a division of the Gary E. West College of Business.  I am excited to share with you our vision to become a catalyst for innovation and job creation in West Virginia and throughout the region. Our Center focuses on three areas of opportunity for study and community outreach:

  • A dynamic Entrepreneurship Curriculum open to students from any academic discipline. Students may choose to pursue a minor in entrepreneurship studies or choose from many course options in entrepreneurship to complete an area of study.
  • The Small and Family Business Program (SFBP) at The Center for Entrepreneurship, a collaborative effort between West College of Business faculty and administration and local business leaders to encourage and support small business growth and development in the region.
  • Intellectual Property and Innovation Assistance Program, is a Launchpad designed to assist students and others interested in pursuing information regarding patents, copyrights, and trademark protection.  In addition, the Launchpad is available to students wishing to collaborate on new business technology and development.
The Center for Entrepreneurship also partners with the School of Professional Studies  in course offerings as well as working with with the university’s Institute for Innovation in Education and College of Education to promote K-12 education opportunities in entrepreneurship.
For information regarding any of the programs offered by The Center for Entrepreneurship, please contact me at the address below.
Carrie J. White, MBA, JD, Ed.D.