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Blunt Words from Richard Epstein

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Stossel Takes Greenspan to the Shed

I’m getting tired of Alan Greenspan. First, the former Federal Reserve chairman blamed an allegedly unregulated free market for the housing and financial debacle. Now he favors repealing the Bush-era tax cuts. This has a certain sad irony. Recall that … Continue reading

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Dick Morris Visit West Liberty University–2008

Dick Morris 2008 from BBT Economics on Vimeo. Dick Morris came to WLU’s College Hall to discuss the possible election of Barrack Obama, and offered thoughts on the economy, and economic policy.

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Michael Munger Appears on ‘At Issue’

Michael Munger on At Issue from BBT Economics on Vimeo.
Michael Munger appeared on WLTV14 at Issue to talk about Libertarians and other assorted issues.
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Is Greed Good?

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