Blunt Words from Richard Epstein

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John Aglialoro on Atlas Shrugged, The Movie

Read all about it here.

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The Fed

These little videos using animation and a sort of computer generated voice have been becoming popular. Here is one on the Fed:

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Why Market Failure?

John Allison enlightens.

h/t Lockerroom.

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Keynes v. Hayek: The Rematch!

And the original:

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Jack Spencer Interview

Here is the WLTV14 interview of Jack Spencer Prof. Root conducted in October:

Spencer Interview from BBT Economics on Vimeo.

Jack Spencer of the Heritage Foundation joined us on set for an interview about his work, and nuclear energy

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Obamacare will Encourage Business to Drop Insurance

So says Democrat Governor Philip Bredesen.

In 2014, when these exchanges come into operation, a typical family of four with an annual income of $90,000 and a 45-year-old policy holder qualifies for a federal subsidy of 40% of their health-insurance cost. For that same family with an income of $50,000 (close to the median family income in America), the subsidy is 76% of the cost.

One implication of the magnitude of these subsidies seems clear: For a person starting a business in 2014, it will be logical and responsible simply to plan from the outset never to offer health benefits. Employees, thanks to the exchanges, can easily purchase excellent, fairly priced insurance, without pre-existing condition limitations, through the exchanges. As it grows, the business can avoid a great deal of cost because the federal government will now pay much of what the business would have incurred for its share of health insurance. The small business tax credits included in health reform are limited and short-term, and the eventual penalty for not providing coverage, of $2,000 per employee, is still far less than the cost of insurance it replaces.

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BB&T Speaker Series–Chris Stirewalt–November 29

Our next speaker will be West Virginia native Chris Stirewalt.  He has written for the Washington Examiner and now is a correspondent for Fox News.

Please join us at 12 noon at Wes Banco Arena for Stirewalt’s talk.  Lunch is provided for $10.

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The Future of Nuclear Energy

Jack Spencer posted a lengthy piece today on the future of nuclear energy at the Heritage site.  Snip:

This is a critical point for the future of nuclear energy. Opponents of nuclear power are quick to point out that nuclear energy is too risky and too expensive to have a future. And so long as industry demands federal subsidies to move forward, it is difficult to argue against that position. But EDF’s decision shows that even absent federal support, investors will put resources toward nuclear energy.

The government imposes significant risk on the nuclear industry. And this risk does justify some government help for companies willing to build the first few nuclear power plants. Nonetheless, depending on such help is foolish when the burden of securing the subsidy outweighs its value, especially when a project is viable without government support. Yet the promise of subsidies continues to dominate the debate over the long-term health of the nuclear industry.

Spencer will be at Wes Banco Arena this Monday afternoon to speak on nuclear energy, its future, and whether W. Va. has a possible future in hosting plants in the state.

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Where’s the Jobs?

The latest jobs numbers do not bode well for the Democrats as we head to November:

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