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BBT Speaker Series–Larry Schweikart–Sept. 28

The first speaker of the BB&T speaker series will be Professor Larry Schweikart, an historian who has written on the American Entrepreneur and Banking in the American West.  His talk on September 28 at the Wes Banco Arena will be … Continue reading

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Stephen Moore Speaks in Wheeling

I finally found the file from Stephen Moore’s talk at the Fort Henry Club in Wheeling.  Enjoy! Stephen Moore from BBT Economics on Vimeo.The Wall Street Journal editor speaks to the Wheeling community at the Fort Henry Club.

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Germany & Free Markets

In the WSJ, from a George Mason prof, how Germany came out of the post WW2 economic slump: Fortunately for ordinary Germans, Erhard—who became director of the economic administration for the U.K.-U.S. occupation Bizone in April 1948—thought otherwise. A currency … Continue reading

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The Founders, Property, and Federalist #10

One of my former students writes an excellent piece at Heritage, noting this piece by Thomas G. West, on the Founders and their dedication to free markets. This issue came up for a brief moment today in my American Government … Continue reading

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Vaclav Havel on Economics in Czech Republic

As noted here, Vaclav Havel had this to say, while drinking a scotch: The government has embraced an arrogant ideology. They claim to know the key to prosperity. It’s analogous to communism. They thought the same thing. The clever ones … Continue reading

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The Austrians are Back

This weekend, the WSJ had a lengthy bio of GMU professor, Peter Boettke and his part in the revival of Austrian Economics.

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Government Defaults Loom

So says Morgan Stanley: Investors face defaults on government bonds given the burden of aging populations and the difficulty of increasing tax revenue, according to a Morgan Stanley executive director. “Governments will impose a loss on some of their stakeholders,” … Continue reading

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The Limitless Welfare State

William Voegeli from the Claremont Salvatori Center speaks about his new book, Never Enough: America’s Limitless Welfare State.

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Kudlow on Obama and the Economy

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George Leef on the Laffer Curve

George Leef at JLF writes about the Laffer Curve: The right question to ask is not what tax rate maximizes government revenues, but what is the proper scope of government activity. That’s all we should pay for.

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