The Future of Nuclear Energy

Jack Spencer posted a lengthy piece today on the future of nuclear energy at the Heritage site.  Snip:

This is a critical point for the future of nuclear energy. Opponents of nuclear power are quick to point out that nuclear energy is too risky and too expensive to have a future. And so long as industry demands federal subsidies to move forward, it is difficult to argue against that position. But EDF’s decision shows that even absent federal support, investors will put resources toward nuclear energy.

The government imposes significant risk on the nuclear industry. And this risk does justify some government help for companies willing to build the first few nuclear power plants. Nonetheless, depending on such help is foolish when the burden of securing the subsidy outweighs its value, especially when a project is viable without government support. Yet the promise of subsidies continues to dominate the debate over the long-term health of the nuclear industry.

Spencer will be at Wes Banco Arena this Monday afternoon to speak on nuclear energy, its future, and whether W. Va. has a possible future in hosting plants in the state.

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