Four WLU Students Travel to Washington D.C. For Internships

Four West Liberty University students spent the summer gaining work experience in Washington D.C. while earning academic credit. Students Jennifer Cessna, Nicole Williamson, William Voegelin, and Mike Hewitt worked for both federal and public organizations.

“These students spent 10 intensive weeks living and working in Washington, D.C. and experiencing all that our nation’s Capital has to offer.  This was a summer of exploration, of learning, and a summer that may have transformed their lives in ways they never expected,” explained Beverly Burke, Campus Liaison for The Washington Center.

Cessna, a Business Administration major specializing in Accounting and Banking & Finance, worked at the Treasury Department, in the Office of Resource Management Services.  Cessna analyzed financial reports, assisted in the preparation of a policies and procedures guide, and developed financial spreadsheets for use by senior analysts. She says, “I have had the learning experience of a lifetime.  It has helped me develop academically, professionally and personally in so many ways.” 

Williamson, a senior Criminal Justice major, interned at Global Centurion, a non-profit organization that deals with human trafficking, baby trafficking, sex slavery, sex tourism, labor, child soldiers and many other human issues.  “I never imagined that I would be doing this kind of work.  With help from The Washington Center and Beverly Burke, I now feel that I have found my true calling in life and plan to go abroad and work on international women’s issues, ” said Williamson.

Voegelin, a senior Cultural Geography major, worked for Washington Parks and People. During his internship Voegelin was responsible for developing and leading an environmental education program, assisting with research and leading image workshops for the youth.  “There are people from literally every corner of the world.  I had a chance to work in a low-income community and learn about the true Washington culture which is an experience I will always cherish.  My overall experience in Washington has been more educational than any other semester of college yet,” said Voegelin.

 Hewitt, a senior Criminal Justice major, interned at the Maryland Office of the Public Defenders.   Hewitt assisted lawyers with the defense of their clients and reinvestigated crimes. “This experience was the best use of my summer, and as a result, I have gone through a metamorphosis of sorts.  I believe my future has been mapped out for me thanks to my time living and working in Washington, D.C.  I’ve experienced the ‘real world’ and have grown immensely and am now ready to pursue a career in law.”

For more information about The Washington Center for Internships at WLU, please contact Campus Liaison Bev Burke at (304) 336-8004 or at [email protected].