In early October, Sculpture I class led by Professor Robert Villamagna, embarked on what came to be known as the “Big Head Project”, aka The Headline. Each student picked a celebrity and based on that character, created a large, paper Mache head that was worn in the annual Fantasy in Lights Parade in downtown Wheeling, WV. Students had six weeks in which to design, build, and paint the heads. “The students did a great job on a project that took a lot of time, sweat, and energy,” said after the parade. And special thanks to Chris Villamagna and Paul Padgett for their help with carrying the banner and Jeff Knieram’s Office of Community Engagement for financial support.
Spectators along the parade route commented that they were looking forward to this years entry based on the success of last years Surrealist elephant. Comments about the creativity and fun the students must be having was also heard along the parade route and that they appreciate WLU’s efforts.
The Marching Hilltoppers, WLU Dance Team and a float from WLU’s Dental Hygiene program joined WLU’s Visual Art program in the parade. Over fifty thousand people and broadcast live on local channels WTRF and WTOV attended the parade.