Interim Department Chair Brian Fencl has a  watercolor included in (I’ve Got a Secret) on display at the Forbes Galleries in NYC. A New Abrahamwas originally exhibited as part of the annual art faculty exhibition in the Nutting Gallery located in the Hall of Fine Arts.
About the show the curators wrote, “Everybody loves to get in on a secret…and every artist is holding something back. This exhibition offers an intriguing look at the clandestine nature of an artist’s inner workings and the process of revealing them. Whether it’s a secret self, a secret place, or a secret body of work,this show represents the mysterious and the hidden, the subtly tucked away thoughts, issues and ideas that these artists may have always wanted to share but haven’t…until now.”
To view the exhibition online please visit the New York Academy of Art link. The exhibition is on display at the headquarters of Forbes Magazine from January 14 – March 19, 2011.
Brian Fencl’s website can be viewed at