The crew from the Drive By Press is now visiting West Liberty University. They have set-up outside the printmaking studio in the courtyard of the Hall of Fine Arts and are doing demos, taking questions and selling shirts. While on campus they will be working with the Printmaking 1 class, meeting with students from Brooke High School and lecturing and demoing to Design 1 students. Everyone is welcome at any of the presentations.

The first woodcuts in Western Art first appeared in Europe around 1400. They were crude do difficulties of scraping away the wood leaving raised lines to be printed. Early woodcuts consisted mainly of thick outlines with minimal shading. Resembling coloring books in their design, the hand carved quality gives the images unique to printmaking. Early woodcuts served as illustrations for the new printed books and became a collectable fine art medium of their own in the late 1800’s.

We encourage everyone to stop by and check out the work. T-shirts and prints are available for sale. Beyond the interesting work and techniques is the entrepreneurial spirit they display. The idea of a traveling printmaking studio that set-up at universities, music fairs and art fairs. To see more on the Drive By Press crew visit their website at

The visit to West Liberty University was made possible by our partnership with the Mitch Collective of Martin’s Ferry, Ohio and WLU’s Center for Arts and Education.