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West Liberty student Jeffrey Holbrook describes his summer internship with National Lampoon:

“My name is Jeff Holbrook and I spent the summer working in the film industry in Los Angeles, California. I worked as an intern for National Lampoon and the experience was amazing. The workplace was very relaxed and everybody was supportive and willing to help. Considering it is a company that purely focuses on comedy, the co-workers were very fun to work with. Some of the tasks that I took part in included filming an interview with a famous voice actor, conducting interviews at a National Lampoon movie premiere, editing videos, and writing comical stories for the website’s content.

It was an amazing experience and I continue to write for the website today. Work was not the only aspect of my summer that rocked. California had so much to offer. I went to night clubs, concerts, comedy clubs (including watching Bob Saget), a Dodgers game, Universal Studios, and several beaches. I lived at USC and was able to access all of its student resources like the weight room/athletic facilities, library and cafeteria. I could not have dreamed of a better opportunity!”

Examples of Jeff’s work and sense of humor can be found by visiting the National Lampoon site.

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