Where are they now?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what some of our alumni are up to? Well now you can, and here they are.

If you are an alumnus and your information isn’t listed below, please complete this form and we’ll put your information on this page.

Josh Aronoff

2003 BS  – Communications / Graphic Design

Web / Graphic Designer  with Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, Pittsburgh, PA


[email protected]

I graduated with a degree in design, and have been doing graphic design for both the print and web mediums ever since. I’ve done freelance work, and mainly in-house design for Giant Eagle, The Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh and other companies in and around Pittsburgh. Been living in Pittsburgh since graduation with my wife, Kate, a fellow West Liberty alum. We have a cat. He’s currently out of work, but when the economy picks up, I’m sure he’ll be pulling his weight in no time.

Heather (Bolinger) Skender 

Heather flashing her beautiful smile!

Heather flashing her beautiful smile!


2006 BS in Graphic Design

Graphic Designer/Substitute Teacher Ohio Valley Awards/various schools. In August of 2009 I graduated from Muskingum with a Masters in Teaching. Many people have asked me why I would make such a drastic change but I don’t think that it is much of a change at all. The core of both designing and teaching is being able to connect to different manners of people in a way they can comprehend and respond to. The only major difference is that I now get summer and holiday vacations! In July of 2008 my spectacular boyfriend carried out an elaborate plan that included an argument, a loaf of bread, a hot glue gun, ducks, a decoy ring, and a diamond. We jumped the broom on Jan. 17, 2009 in the same church that both my parents and grandparents exchanged vows. We are now saving up for a house and living in an apartment across the street from a crazy man who spent his Christmas Eve in the middle of the street cussing out Rudolph.


Joshua Bommer

2004 BS – Graphic Design

Artist/Graphic Design Consultant

Bomtron Visuals – bomtron.com

I started out doing little freelance jobs just after graduation, but soon started searching for bigger ones. I eventually found a niche and diversified my work by adding my love of painting and illustrating into the mix. I will not lie…freelance is a hustle. I have had to bust my butt to keep things rolling. It’s important to know that before getting into it. I moved to Arizona in 2006, got married in 2007, was ordained a minister in 2009, moved to Pittsburgh in 2009, and have plans to move to New York at some point in 2010 or so. Want some kids, but not until things calm down a bit. In my spare time I put paint on whatever I can find. I blog and spend a lot of time marketing myself through twitter, flikr, facebook, etsy, and a few other sites.

Ryan Boughner

2009 Digital Media Design

Applications Specialist/ Web Administrator – Neiswanger Management Services Healthcare


[email protected]

Since graduation I’ve been an avid job seeker for almost nine months. Finally with perseverance and great connections I have locked in a great job in DC. It’s what I love to do and they reward me with a paycheck. =) Moving to DC is quite the jump for me especially if you know me as the never leaving the farm country boy. And what hurts the most is, there are no apartments that allow me to fence cattle in the back lot?? Second, a 21 foot F-150 isn’t practical for parallel parking in the center of DC. But anyway I’m great! Good luck to all and enjoy West Lib! P.S. If you’re in DC look me up! Go James Haizlett!!!! No wife. =( No kids. =( and no secret drug busts. =) Peace!

Nathan Butler

2005 B.S. Graphic Design

2006 M.S. Instructional Technology – Bloomsburg University

Programmer Analyst eLearning/Multimedia at LimitedBrands


[email protected]

After graduation I continued my education getting an Instructional Technology degree from Bloomsburg University, which I highly recommend to graduating students. I then worked for awhile in Bellaire, Ohio at a small design and printing company. I then moved to Columbus, Ohio to work at LimitedBrands. I spend most days designing and developing online material for LimitedBrands as well as brands within the business, Victoria’s Secret, Bath and Body Works etc… It’s a very fast paced, exciting job. I love the work that I do. My job has allowed me to push the boundaries of our current technology and how associates interact with online content. Whether it’s creating learning content on an iPod, internet, or a store register, my job is to make sure these tools are fully functional for a great learning experience.

Ty Crawford 

Ty - Ready for DC!

Ty – Ready for DC!


Digital Media Design – 2009

Interactive Media Designer with  American Public University in Washington DC


My portfolio site

[email protected]

As soon as I graduated I started working midnights for a really unorganized local tv station. While I was there I kept applying for jobs to start my career. Working all night and interviewing all day. I finally found a home doing exactly what I want to do. Not married, no kids that I know of. Drugs are bad mmmkay, and my secret dungeon is located in the media arts center somewhere.


Theodore Cromwell

2000 B.S. Graphic Design.

Web Engineering Specialist Orrick, Herrington and Sutcliffe

Since graduation, I have slowly transitioned from entry web designer to a more programming-oriented developer. Each day provides new challenges and the learning never stops. In the fast-moving world of IT, those that are satisifed with their current skillset and abilities will quickly be watching from the sidelines. In May of 2007, I married Catrina DeGarmo (West Liberty 2000) and we are currently expecting our first child in May. We currently reside in Weirton, WV.

Megan Edison 


[email protected]

2009 Graphic Design

West Virginia University – Professional Tech. Web developer

I’ve been working as a web designer for the WVU College of Human Resources and Education since 2010, a year after I graduated.  In 2011, my position was expanded to include Print Design as well as Web and I was given full-time status.  Working with other Design professionals within the university has broadened my understanding of the field and taught me more about working in the world of academia than I ever cared to know. ha ha. But I do love my job… and I got it above all the other candidates because West Liberty Design Professors not only taught me how to put together a killer portfolio, but also taught me that Design isn’t just all about business and numbers…it is also an art form and merits just as much creative effort.

Mel S. Falck

2002 B.S. Sociology with an Art Minor

[email protected]

Company Commander US Army

After graduation I worked in the social service field, joining the Army in 2004. During my initial enlistment I served as an Intelligence Analyst, deploying with the 101st Airborne Division to Iraq from 2005-2006. Upon my return to the US I attended Officer Candidate School, gaining my commision in 2008. I am now the Company Commander for an Ordnance Training Company based out of Redstone Arsenal, AL. I will be transitioning out of the Army February of 2011 and have plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus in Expressive Arts Therapy. I am currently married to a beautiful young lady by the name of Virginia Lee. We don’t have any children as of yet, but are the happy “parents” of two weiner dogs, a beagle, and a cat.

Vanessa Govindan


2009 BS in Graphic Design

[email protected]

Graphic Designer/ Web Strategist South Coast Winery Resort & Spa – www.wineresort.com

After graduation I headed west in search of sun and the perfect wave. While boogie boarding hobbies didn’t pay the bills I decided to try my hand in the job market. I landed a job with a Winery in Southern California. While I miss West Virginia my new adventure out west is exciting. I’m part of award winning team that makes up South Coast Winery Resort & Spa. I’m learning more about wine than I ever thought possible. I’m truly thankful for the Art department at WLU for all the tools they have given me to help succeed in this profession. I’m continuing to improve my boogie boarding skills then I shall up grade to surfing at some point. My garden in growing quite well who knew things grew so well out here. In other news. I’m trying my luck in panning for gold.. I will send my findings to Prof Haizlett to thank him for all his teachings with the extra shall fund my new found love of Talavera.

Svetlana S. Granik 

Svetlana flashing a smile.

Svetlana flashing a smile.


2009 Bachelor of Science Graphic Designer

Rubenstein Associates

I have great news! I got another job!!! They offered me $10000 more then my previous job and that’s exactly what I’d like to do!!!! The name of the company is Rubenstein associates. And they do advertising around Ohio and not only last 40 years. the company was established in 1970. The owners is wife and a husband- extremely nice people… They were really impressed with my portfolio…that’s what they said…”Just to say “thank you” for spending so much time with Carolyn yesterday and for giving me the opportunity to share your magnificent work.  I’m very excited in the hope of working with you and want to say that you’re most probably the most “gifted” young artist/designer I’ve encountered….” I am going to do graphic design for them and will learn TV advertising also…


Jeffrey Holbrook

2010 Digital Media Design

[email protected]

Engineering Designer/ Comedy Writer ECI/ National Lampoon

I have been writing for the great National Lampoon based out of Los Angeles, CA. I am also currently designing for an engineering company based out of Lawrence, PA. I still have many leather-bound books and an apartment that smells of rich mahogany. I plan on continuing to conquer the world of comedy via undercover espionage and mind control tactics. Hide your wives and your children. Nobody is safe.

Donovan Hubbard 

Donovan wreaking havoc at the IRS.

Donovan wreaking havoc at the IRS.


2007 BS Graphic Design, minor Business Admin.

Programmer Windwalker Corp.


I kick the ass of those associated with New World Order ideals!

Jeremy Johns

2005 – BS in Graphic Design
Art Director / Web Developer for Herald-Star & The Weirton Daily Times

[email protected]

Since graduation I have worked for two companies, The Image-Place in Weirton, W. Va. and my current employer the Herald-Star and The Weirton Daily Times in Steubenville, Ohio. I work for the same people that the great Nutting Gallery is named after. It is hard to put a title on the type of work I do for my current employer, but my main focus is Art Director/Web Developer. I started out with the Herald-Star and Weirton Daily Times with very limited experience and even less knowledge of the business world. I am very glad to say I have moved up the ladder with my company and have made a name for myself.

Besides print and web work, I often meet with business people, help coordinate events and perform many other duties that normally would not be associated with a designer. My job has allowed me to meet celebrities such as Jerome Bettis, John Buccigross (ESPN) and Super Bowl and NFL Hall of Fame football players as well as rub elbows with the movers and shakers of the Tri-State Area. I continue my education every day through research and picking the brains of those more knowledgeable. To be a graphic designer to me doesn’t mean sitting behind a computer screen 24/7, and I am glad I am living my dream.

In September of 2009 I married my college sweetheart Meghan. We met in December of my sophomore year and have not left each other’s side since. We have two wonderful dogs. A pure bread Papillon(Lily) and a Chihuahua / Terrier mix(Romeo) the we got from a rescued league for animals. Currently our joy in life in our dogs, however we do plan on having children in the near, yet distant future. Meghan is wrapping up her master degree in Speech Pathology at Cal U. We like to take one thing at a time to keep our sanity. I enjoyed my years at West Liberty and often think back and wish I did a little more of this and a little less of that but I had the time of my life at West Lib.

Mary Larter

2008 B.S. Graphic Design & Digital Media Design

Art Director Victory Media



[email protected]

After graduation I worked for Lamar Outdoor Advertising for about a year and then took a job with Victory Media in Pittsburgh, PA. Primarily I work as the Art Director for Military Spouse magazine – a national women’s magazine sold on military bases next to Cosmo and Redbook. Victory Media also publishes Vetrepreneur magazine (a business magazine aimed at veteran business owners) and G.I. Jobs (a transition publication to help troops transition from military careers into civilian jobs). I am also the primary video director and editor there and am working with the web team to expand that aspect of our brand(s).

I’m engaged to a Staff Sgt in the Air Force (Greg) who is currently deployed in Southeast Asia – and spend most of my time either at work or training Duke (my Labrador Retriever) to do tricks and bring me dead birds. He has high hopes of competing in field trials for gun dogs soon. I also am fishing and hunting more – and knitting less. It turns out Duke hates sweaters.

Jesse Lenz

2010 Graphic Design
Self Employed – Super Awesome Illustrator
I have been working as a free-lance editorial illustrator, working for magazines such as WIRED, The Atlantic, The American Prospect, etc. I recently had two of my illustrations featured in American Illustration 29. I am currently living in downtown Frederick Maryland with my wife and dog. It doesn’t get much better than this. I also recently cut my hair off so I no longer get confused for an ugly woman with a beard!
[email protected]

Cassandra Lightfritz

Cassie may have her black belt, but Haizlett can still take her out with a swift kick.

Cassie may have her black belt, but Prof Haizlett can still take her out with a swift kick to the throat.

2007 BS in Graphic Design Graphic


[email protected]

The Center for Educational Technologies – Designer

I started interning for the Wheeling Symphony and for the Center for Educational Technologies when I was a Junior at West Liberty. I was hired at the CET as the Graphic Designer. I design print materials, web layouts, illustrations, and also do industrial design work (which haizlett has yet to come see. jk haiz) and mural painting. I love my job and the people I work with. I live in Hopedale, OH with my brother’s annoying Chihuahua, Chico. I have an awesome nephew, Tristan, and another neice/nephew on the way! I am not married, have no kids, don’t do drugs, and can’t tell you about my secret dungeons. That would defeat the purpose.

Melissa Lambert Marshall

2007 Graphic Design

Web Design/Developer for Beyond Marketing


[email protected]

Melissa graduated from “The Lib” in May 2007 and began her post-collegiate career as a graphic designer designing shirts, and more, at Shirts ‘N More in Wheeling. It was a very fast paced environment- everyone wanted their tshirts Right. Now. Probably the best thing that came from that job,

Melissa, singing karaoke into a hair brush. Still crazy after all these years.

Melissa, singing karaoke into a hair brush. Still crazy after all these years.

other than gaining insane Illustrator skills, was the week she took off to get a much needed tonsillectomy. She was terrified but pulled through like a champ!

Melissa worked at Shirts ‘N More until August of 2008 when she and her two cats, Carson and Salvador, ventured to Columbus to begin work as a graphic and web designer at Direct Results Marketing. Actually the cats didn’t do much designing. Anyway, things happened, but they didn’t happen to work out. She got laid off in May of ’09 and headed back to Wheeling until another job panned out. Darn economy.

Fortunately, November rolled around and she got hired at Beyond Marketing doing web design and development. She is always busy, which should ensure good job security. Melissa isn’t much into drug busts, she’s more of a shoot-em-up kinda gal. She would much be rather shoot things – with her camera! You will always find her with some sort of camera, typically shooting the small and simple things in life, which she enjoys the most. She’s currently working on selling some pieces and entering some competitions. She apparently likes to talk in third person and she doesn’t have any illegitimate children, that she knows of.



Penny McConnell

Penny - one of the ancient ones!

Penny – one of the ancient ones!

[email protected]

2008 BS in Graphic Design

Website Administrator/Advertising Manager for First Choice Realtors & Self-Employed

While I was in college, I envisioned a job that would allow me to work from home. After graduating, I got job at First Choice Realtors as their advertising manager. I work from home, just as I pictured and I love it. Later that year I convinced them they needed to update their website. I designed look,navigation, and most of the content contained in the site and worked with a great company to build it. Check it out – www.1stChoiceRealtors.com. I also do design and advertising work for individual realtors. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart since 1978 and we have two great kids that we are very proud of, Kelly & Daniel.

Jacquelyn Myers

2005 B.S graphic design

Freelance wedding photographer. Went to graduate school in Ireland for fine arts, got a job as a designer for the kroger co., now am receiving my second degree in nursing with every intention of incorporating my design and art into nursing. I will continue to freelance in both graphic design and photography as well as pursue my masters in the future. Traveled a bunch, especially Europe, but no marriage and no kids. They’re hard to travel with. Pack light!



Jeremy Puglisi

2009 Digital Media Design

On-Air Talent / Board Operator Clear Channel Radio


[email protected]

Upon graduation, I jumped head first into the work force. I have been working at Eagle 107.5 and our sister stations WOVK and WWVA-AM just about full time since graduation. I deal with behind the scenes things such as website work and some news writing. I also do things like running the sound board for events such as Nailers hockey,NASCAR and Steelers football, I work with podcasts for several shows, and various other tasks. I also became the on air weekend guy for Eagle 107.5 (listen to The Dude). I also have not forgotten about my time at West Libs station, WGLZ. I worked part time over the fall semester to help them get things moving in a new direction. When I am not working, I try to keep up with the art skills I have learned at West Liberty. I try to shoot some photos every day, I open Photoshop every now and then, and I help a few friends with their websites by doing some HTML work, page layout, and photo work. I’m just enjoying life after graduation.

Samantha Robinson


Sam on her happy day.

Sam on her happy day.

2010 Graphic Design

United Bank – Sales Associate/Teller/Freelance

It’s been a busy year since graduation. My husband and I got married last year in June and we’ve moved a few times since then (actually we’ve moved 4 times in the last year!). We currently live in Woodsdale and were recently given our first home through my grandmother-in-law. I’m subcontracting for a company called Catchpoint Creative in Moundsville, which focuses on internet marketing, e-commerce, and advertising strategies. In the next few months, we hope to open up shop in Wheeling as we continue to build our clientele, but for now I’m working at United Bank as a Sales Associate and will continue to live in Wheeling.

No kids or drug busts, but I think once we clear out stuff in the basement, we’ll more than likely find a secret dungeon down there, nah. Well anyways, we plan to wait a few years until the kiddo’s arrive.

Nathan Scovell

B.S graphic design – so busy I can’t think of when it was… I guess it was Graphic Design but it seems like I do more than that.

Graphic Designer/Animator/Web Designer/Digital Imager/Project Management The Goodway Group

[email protected]

I make flash banner ads for clients like General Motors and DaimlerChrysler. I manage a large amount of projects at one time and work on quick turn-around times. I use my managment skills to find other designers to work for me in order to get projects completed on time. Let’s see… I’m married to a lovely woman named Tina. We have a daughter named Ella and she is amazing. She won’t be a graphic designer, I think she will do something less calorie sitting than that. We have another child on the way. He or she will either be Noah or Madison. We live in a nice house outside of Philadelphia. I have a German Shepherd named Heidi and she is great! I don’t have any secret dungeons or stories of drug busts but I do often dream of leaving this corporate scene and pursue something like supreme world ruler. I don’t know, I think I could maintain a healthy take over but it could be out of my league. Probably not.

Roger Speer 

Roger - chillin' in the islands.

Roger – chillin’ in the islands.


2001 Graphic Design/Secondary Art Education

Missioner Episcopal Church

www.rogerspeer.com and www.episcopalvi.org

I free lanced for a year after graduation, creating flash animation and websites primarily, then took a job with the Episcopal Church as a youth minister. I worked there for 7 years blending my education and design work to create weekend conference and camp experiences for middle and high school students. Currently i’m the Missioner for the Episcopal Diocese of the Virgin islands overseeing a communications plan and educational resources for children, teens, and young adults. I have not married yet, though have met a wonderful woman from the Virgin Islands. I’ve been able to travel the world, have a children’s book i did the illustration for coming out next christmas, and continue to spend as much time outdoors and painting as possible.

Heather Steffens

Owner HH-Artworks – www.HH-Artworks.com

Building a photography business that specialize in Weddings and Portrait photography. In addition will be submitting several childens books to publishers and keeping my fingers crossed. I have also discovered a talent for writting that I knew existed that I will be exploring seriously from now on. Still Married, No kids, busts or dungeons.

Thomas Stollar 

Thomas - mixing the mud.

Thomas – mixing the mud.


2008 Graduate B.A.E.

MFA student West Virginia University

I have been trying to become a better artist, and person. I thought it would be fun to tell you not only what I have been up to, but also what I would like to be up to if I had four more me’s. Number one me is happy to be doing just what I am: artistic persuits. Number two me wants to be doing the same. Number three me wants to be reading books off of my “books I need to read” list, watching movies, and cooking. Number four me would like to be sleeping – a lot. Number five me is doing the same as 1 – 4, happy being.

Kara Tennant 

Kara - now with a Masters from Carnegie Mellon!

Kara – now with a Masters from Carnegie Mellon!


2005 Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design
2009 Master of Science, Carnegie Mellon University

Designer with Wall Street on Demand – www.wallst.com

After graduating from West Liberty in 2005, I moved to the Greater Washington DC area where I worked as a designer for a marketing and advertising agency. In 2007, I chose to continue my education at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I graduated from CMU in 2009 with a Master of Design in Communication Planning and Information Design. Currently, I work as a designer at Wall Street on Demand in Boulder, Colorado. I have experienced many environments since graduating from West Liberty. I spent a year in Laurel, Maryland, where I adopted Fifi Hyacinth, my mischievous calico. I became quite the tourist while in Laurel, which is located between Baltimore and Washington DC. This is where I developed my love for Chipotle. Eventually, I moved back to Wellsburg, West Virginia, along with Fifi, to attend graduate school. The majority of my time was spent in Pittsburgh, a city for which I have a great amount of affection and respect. While in Pittsburgh, I also found my love for French Canadian hockey players. Next, I resided in New York City for three months, interning as a wayfinding designer at Mijksenaar Arup Wayfinding. I met amazing people and drank delicious mojitos while there. Finally, Fifi and I packed up and drove 1400 miles to Boulder, Colorado. The mountains are beautiful and my job offers unlimited free chocolate as a benefit! We are still settling in, but we’re looking to remain here for awhile.


Jared Thompson 

Jared - Can't get enough of the Hilltop.

Jared – Can’t get enough of the Hilltop.


2009 Digital Media Design

Production Specialist at West Liberty University


[email protected]

Since graduation, I have been hired at West Liberty University as part of WLTV 14. I also own and operate a video production company on the side I am currently single. I enjoy long walks on the beach and fine dining But seriously, I live in Wheeling in the Victorian North Wheeling section. I am addicted to my electronic gizmos and I just got my first video game system ever; a Wii.

Jennifer (Van Camp) Stephens

2008 Art Education PK – Adult

Art Teacher 9-12 – River High School

After graduating, I taught at Buckeye Local High School in Rayland, Ohio for two years. I taught mostly graphic art and general art courses along with one pottery wheel course. While working there, I did many side jobs for the school such as painting the high school gym floor and pep-student section walls, the football field, and signs for the track. However, after two years at Buckeye Local, a job much closer to my home opened up and I got it! I now teach at River High School in Hannibal, Ohio. This high school is getting renovated this spring, so I am looking forward to a new art room for my students. I teach general art courses(Art I-IV). I plan to start an Art Club very soon. In addition to teaching at River High School, I am also the head boys and girls cross country coach, assistant girls basketball coach, and an assistant girls track coach.

I got married in the spring of 09 and enjoy being an aunt to two wonderful nephews.

[email protected]

Daria Wood

2009 English/ Graphic Design minor

server/ copywriter/ ad designer — I work at Perkins and at home in partnership with a friend.

Hi, everybody! Hope you’re all doing well. Since graduation in May, I have moved into my new house in Bridgeport. I took some time to myself (which was both awesome and much needed) and have continued my job as a server. Recently, I have taken on a new job developing a website, for which I will be doing research, writing copy, and creating ads. As for “marriage, kiddies, drug busts, and/ or secret dungeons,” I have little to say; I’d like to keep it simple for now. Take care, and I hope you all remember to take some time to play as hard as you work. 🙂