Extreme Art Night



Dan Lucas and Sam Starkey in front of the Extreme Art 2010 mural

Dan Lucas and Sam Starkey in front of the Extreme Art 2010 mural

Extreme Art Night is WLU’s annual all night art party. Held every spring in West Liberty’s Hall of Fine Arts, the night is filled with movies, music, food, models, workshops and art making.


• The Great Pushpin Portrait project- Collaborate on portraits created from colored pushpins. Materials will be provided.

• Extreme Art clay project- 20lbs of clay will be available in the sculpture room

• Repaint the mural-The mural comes down at 6 PM and must be redone and ready to hang at 8 AM. If you would like to submit a design see Professor Fencl

• Food- Pizza and snack food will be available all night

• Movies- Movies all night chosen by students

• Music- Acoustic jam session with students and faculty in the lobby of the MAC. Everyone is invited.

• Model dressed as a robot from midnight to 2 AM

• Chris Yambar 7-9PM:  Chris will discuss writing, comicbooks creativity and self-promotion. The workshop is free and will take place in room 209 Hall of Fine Arts. Please send an RSVP email to [email protected] so we know you are coming.

• Photoshop your professor’s face challenge. Best image wins a prize!

• Work on your homework late into the night


APRIL 1, 2010, 6PM TO 8AM