Programs and Activities

The International Student Office at West Liberty University organizes weekly activities and events for all of our international students. Students can go to weekly shopping trips, monthly excursions in the area or other fun activities and events. For a detailed schedule of events, please view the list below the slideshow.

Here are some examples of the exciting activities that we have done in the past:

Festival of Colors 2013
Miniature Golf 2013
Kayaking 2014
Minor League Baseball Game 2014
Christmas Party 2014
Glow Bowling 2014
Languages of Love Event 2014
International Food Festival 2014
Hijab Day 2014
Niagara Falls 2012
Festival of Colors 2012
Columbus Farmers Market 2012
Barnesville Pumpkin Festival 2012
Washington County Fair 2012
Kennywood 2012
Chinese New Year 2013


Please find below activity Schedule

1. Airport Travel

A. Thanksgiving

I. There is a van leaving campus at 9 am on Tuesday Nov 21st, 2017. To ride, you must send Heather your WINS class schedule showing that you are not missing any classes. You need to visit Heather Kalb’s office and Sign up on door.
II. Thanksgiving travel: Heather can schedule 1 Tuesday evening and 1 Sunday evening trip to Pittsburgh airport or Megabus. if there are people who need them, you must let Heather know soon so she can schedule drivers and advertise the trips.

B. End of semester

I. Friday Dec 8th, 1 pm departure from campus. 1 hr. 15 minutes’ drive, 1 hr. window for US flights (2 hours early arrival for international flights). So, plan on flights departing 3:30 or later. You need to visit Heather and Sign up on door.
II. There is no transportation the day of graduation
III. Sunday Dec 10th, 9 am departure from campus. Plan on flights departing at 11:30 am or later. You need to visit Heather and Sign up on door.
IV. Monday Dec 11th, 9 am departure from campus. Plan on flights departing at 11:30 am or later. You need to visit Heather and Sign up on door

C. Spring Semester (dorms open 1/15/2018 at 1 pm)

I. Monday evening (1/15) 8:30 pm pick up from the airport


2. Shopping Trips – We have weekly shopping trips to the Highlands or Ohio Valley Mall shopping area and occasional trips throughout the semester to Pittsburgh area malls.

I. Every Wednesday Highlands trip – Leave campus 4:15, pickup at Walmart at 8 pm. No sign up needed.
II. Every Thursday Highlands trip – Leave campus 4:15, pickup at Walmart at 9 pm. No sign up needed.


3. Social and Cultural trips – For these trips you must sign up on Heather Kalb’s office door.  The trip will be cancelled if there are not a minimum of five people signed up at least 3 days prior. People who sign up and fail to show up without 24 hr. advance notification will not be permitted to participate in following trips.

I. Tuesday (10/31/2017): leave campus at 6 to trick or treat in Woodsdale. Woodsdale is a very nice neighborhood in Wheeling where many of the residents decorate their homes in scary themes.  Trick or treating is from 6:30-7:30. The van will return back to campus when trick or treating is done. Liz Prather has invited our students to start at their home and to actually go early if you would like to stop by for a game. TRIP CANCELLED due to a lack of signups
II. Sunday (11/5/2017): Ohio Valley Mall Shopping trip to St. Clairsville, Oh. just 30 minutes away. Leave campus at 11 am, leave mall at 4 pm.  This is nothing fancy, but there are clothing stores, a movie theater, and a bargain store a short walking distance from the enclosed portion of the mall.
III. Friday (11/17/2017): Perkins Christmas parade in downtown Wheeling and Festival of Lights in Oglebay park. We will leave campus at 5:00 pm and will return around 10 pm. The parade is scheduled for 6:30-8:30 PM. Please grab an early dinner.  Downtown will be very crowded and ordering any food there will be slow.
IV. Saturday (11/18/2017): Ice skating down town at PPG complex around large Christmas tree, students not wanting to sight see in downtown can be dropped off at Tangers or another Pittsburgh mall. We will leave campus at 2 pm and then leave Pittsburgh around 9 pm to return to Wheeling.  Read here for ice skating prices.


4. International Club Trips

I. Please attend the club meetings on Friday at 4 pm in the Alumni room to learn about their trips.