Freshmen 2017


Summer Orientation Dates (listed by academic college)

  • June 6 - College of Liberal Arts
  • June 13 - College of Arts & Communication
  • June 22 - College of Business
  • June 27 - College of Sciences
  • July 11 - College of Sciences
  • July 18 - College of Education
  • July 25 - Open to all majors
  • August 1 - Open to all majors
  • August 3 - Open to all majors
Class Schedules
Your class schedule will be based on your major field of study, information that you provide on this form and recommendations from academic department chairpersons. Although all of the orientation dates are done for the summer, please still complete this form so that we can complete your freshman class schedule. Any questions regarding freshman schedules may be directed to Travis Hinkle, Admissions Counselor at 304.336.8404 or [email protected]
Class Registration Form